Friday, May 09, 2014

Show-Me Missouri S&T Nuke Fusion Winning

Because when all of this goes horribly wrong . . . TKC wants a bit part in the action/adventure movie wherein a redhead hottie slaps me and tells me to stop crying and hand over this link . . . "A team of three undergraduate physics students from Missouri University of Science and Technology have achieved nuclear fusion of deuterium into helium. The reaction was achieved as part of the students’ final project for their senior research laboratory class."

More: “I never thought it would happen because the experiment is so complicated,” says Associate prof. Dr. Greg Story. “It is an incredible accomplishment for undergraduate students who built their apparatus entirely on their own.


chuck said...

Holy shit!


Anonymous said...

I hope their names aren't Ahmad and Mohammed.

Anonymous said...

Hillbillies with a nuclear weapons program. THAT is FRIGHTENING.

Anonymous said...

Um...something like this happened in Central City, but it there was a mistake and Barry Allen was never the same again.