Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Rosie Jones And KCMO Links Tonight

Rosie Jones remains one our faves and she inspires the look at Kansas City links tonight . . .

- Maybe The Death Penalty Isn't So Bad After All: A Kansas City man has been ordered to spend the rest of his life in prison for the statutory rape of a 7-year-old girl.

- Celebrating Kansas City Tech Synergy And Other Buzzwords: Kansas City teams with Cisco Systems to improve connectivity

- Great War Monument Tribute In Lieu Of Cash For Maintenance: U.S. House passes amendment naming KC's Liberty Memorial the 'national World War I museum and memorial'

- Clearing The Scene After Cooler Called In . . .

- Lesson In Austerity: Nixon cuts Missouri education funding further

- Golden Ghetto Doesn't Believe In Rehab: Group home controversy in JoCo neighborhoods

- Healthcare Controversy In Kansas City Too: 2 KS/MO VA hospitals face troubling allegations

- Fair Play Struggle Out In The Stix: Woman fights off would-be rapist at Lake Lotawana

- Cowtown Used Bikes: Bike borrowing network B-cycle expands in Kansas City

- Weekend Patriotism Prep: Group works to set up hundreds of flags for Memorial Day

- Research Privacy Breach Backpedaling: Healthcare group apologizes for records dump

And this is the OPEN THREAD for tonight . . .


Anonymous said...

As I listened to the President's news conference about the problems in the VA one thought stuck in my head and that is this guy doesn't have a fucking clue as to the extent of the problem.

Although I am a Vietnamn era veteran U have always had my own insurance and avoided dependence on government health care. Several months ago mu insurance coverage grew to over $800.00 per month so I got myself in the VA system. Oh God what a fucking mess the VA has on it's hands.

The sad part is that no matter what these politicians are telling the press not a fucking one of them has published, among veterans, any phone numbers on who to contact to report illegal and unethecal activities - NOT ONE OF THEM.

I have personally experienced falsified records often. I have had my appointments schedule manipulated so that when Dr.s are not available they fil in the date as the appointment and then you actually see the doctor days later and no appointment is logged. The VA can not just get you care and be done with it. They waste millions hiring bureaucrats to educate you on your procedures. Do you believe that just to sign up for a colonoscopy (that they told you to get) you have to set through a 2 1/2 hour course before you can even sign up and if you don't meat their odd ball requirements they then enter in the record that you refused. I have blood in my stool and my mother had colon cancer, but I have "refused" mu colonoscopy because I an single and want to take a cab home after the proceedure. Apparently the cocksuckers think sitting in a fox hole waiting to get your ass fired up is not dangerous, but riding home in a taxi is - that make me NON COMPLIANT. This shit is going on right here in Kansas City folks.

There is plenty more from incorrect diagnosis to stalling for months to complete simple, yet potentially health saving procedures. Even though I have only been in the system for months I could write a freaking book on the complete bullshit that is going on at the KC VA.

The tax payers are just burning money and until these lying ass politicians make themselves available to hear legitimate complaints this entire VA investigation is just going to end as one big snow job as they have for decades. Someone give me the oath and put my as on the stand and I will burn a fucking hole in these sonzabitches and I guarantee there are scores of Vets right here in KC who know I am not bullshitting.

Obama Sucks said...

Tony, Tony, Tony...

A snappier headline than:

Woman fights off would-be rapist at Lake Lotawana

would be:

Woman beats off would-be rapist at Lake Lotawana

Anonymous said...

Thanks Cum Rape Guy.