Saturday, May 03, 2014

Prez Obama Name Checks Kansas Killings To Start Jewish American Heritage Month

Tragic and special shout out from Prez Obama references recent JCC tragedy in the Kansas City metro.

Take a look:

President Obama cites Kansas City killings in heritage month proclamation

Statement from the leader of the free world:

“Jewish communities continue to confront anti-Semitism — both around the world and, as tragic events mere weeks ago in Kansas reminded us, here in the United States,” Obama said in his, proclamation declaring May Jewish American Heritage Month, issued April 30.


Anonymous said...

Anyone who thinks this guy gives one shit about Jews, the Jewish people, their culure, their religion or their rightful homeland Israel has shit for brains.

He has been the most anti-Israel president in decades. Anybody of faith would be wise not to trust him- as an atheist who grew up culturally muslim he simply does not represent the views of the majority of Americans on the middle east and Israel.

spyke1 said...

I see your point. Just curious, have you been reading, One Political Plaza? Obama is going to be the last president...

Anonymous said...

Barry Soetoro, America's No. 1 criminal.

spyke1 said...

Awesome. Learn something new every day.
I thought Dick Cheney and Donald Rumsfeld were fighting over the title of, America's No. 1 criminal.

Anonymous said...

i don't like Obama but why do we keep sending buckets of money to Isreal? they don't do anything for us.

Anonymous said...

shut up you phony stupid nigger!

Anonymous said...

A report of ALEC members involved with American Renaissance (AmRen) founders of the White Patriots Party (Glen Miller) coming out soon.

Anonymous said...

Buck Ofama

Anonymous said...

5:49 ditto that +1

Anonymous said...

Except "NO Jews were Harmed during this Shooting."

Obama can fix even misdirected hatred in this country, NO better than the KC schools can civilize their scholars!

Lets ask Tony a question. Why is it Mexicans would rather risk death and move north rather than make Mexico a great nation?

We need signs like there were for the Irish immigrants. "Help Wanted. Illegals Need Not Apply."

One more question. How about a national celebration day to celebrate the massacre of George Armstrong Custer? They could drag an effegy of John Wayne up by The Scout!

Anonymous said...

Our Jewish friends were harmed as a result of this shooting in Overland Park. This wasn't football practice where you shake it off and get back in the game?

Why is Mexico the only nation to win a conventional war with simple farm implements? Nobody cares anymore it was 1850.

Why must you always disallow the contributions Irish Americans made as immigrants?

Isn't the robbery of the Black Hills gold from the Sioux Nation a big enough celebration for you?