Friday, May 02, 2014

Nicole Meyer And The Kansas City Morning

Nicole Meyer and her inspiring skinny lingerie sweetness inspires our morning look at Kansas City mainstream media links.

Check it:

- Your Broke-Ass Kansas City Budget Link And The Start Of A New Fiscal Year!!!

- Show-Me Another Dangerous Bit Of Road Rage: MoDOT: About 25 percent of highway lights are dark

- Get Ready To Get BOTCH Slapped: Attorney: Next Missouri execution likely to go wrong

- Find This Kansas City Auto Crook: Police seek vehicle connected to catalytic converter thefts

- Global Climate Change And The Shrinking Harvest: Kansas Wheat Crop May Shrink 18% to Lowest Since 1996

- Easy Money Madness: Payday loan bill approved by Legislature but denounced by activists

- After The Purge . . . Kris W. Kobach: Kansas elections are both well-run and secure

- Mooooving Along: Pitiful pastures threaten Kansas cattle business

- Getting Ready To Smack-down Gov. Jay: Missouri governor vetoes income tax cut; lawmakers plan to attempt override vote

- The Extra L Is For Late But This Is Still A Good Roundup Link: Supreme Court Upholds Disbarment of Anti-Abortion Kansas Ex-AG Phill Kline

- Once Again, We All Love Obamacare: Health Enrollments Through Federal Exchange Double In Missouri And Kansas

- Left Turn Attraction: Kansas Speedway shares details about its first NASCAR night races

- Show-Me The Road To More Taxes . . . Highway Robbery: Missouri Senate Passes Sales Tax Hike For Transportation

- Another Kansas City Losing Finish: Royals can’t sweep away Jays, drop series finale 7-3

- Cowtown Reunion: New family for KC woman after 8-year search

- Not Exactly The Kind of "Inside Dirt" Readers Appreciate: Every dog has its DNA: Growing pet industry identifies poopetrators

- Let's Roll: Local wounded veteran gets customized wheelchair

- Even More Local Fowl Play: Duck survives arrow attack in woman's backyard

- Kangaroo Cross-dressing For A Good Cause: Men step into heels to stop violence against women

- Good Times According To McTavish: The Weekend To-Do List: May 2-4, 2014

And, once again, this is the OPEN THREAD for theses links and anything else . . .


P Bear said...

Come on Frito.....WTF..... Giant

Hipster Parade this week-end and

you diss it with no coverage. WTF.

Every "HIPSTER" in the Midwest will be in KC this week-end for the....


It states in the "Hipster Manifesto" that anyone not promoting and attending he Chihuahua Parade is suspended from any/all hipster activities for one year.

That means no Crossroads/Westport coffee shops, no SW Blvd queer parades, no Toy Train rides, no Jason Grill ogling.

Anonymous said...

The greasy Taco will be covering Cinco de Mayo the "free" reading of comic books at local shops and the grand finale, WOOFSTOCK.

Anonymous said...

What the hell T? Why finally a hot chick? I was getting used to all your fatties.

Anonymous said...

Missouri love torture on Death Row. Last week they moved to a new spot at the Diagnostic Center in Bonne Terre because of the heat from hunger strikes and bad medicine in Potosi. Nurses and Prison Guards running their own Gitmo at Potosi.

Todd Twatsworth, local "good guy" said...

I hereby decree that anyone seen not wearing either a Chiefs or college sports team shirt (KU/KState, MU only) or spending at least two hours a day watching sports will claim the label "hipster."