Thursday, May 01, 2014


Once again Kansas City starts the morning with propaganda and yet another effort by toy train streetcar advocates to rewrite local undemocratic history.

To wit . . .


Here's the damage . . . NEXTRAIL KC:

A starting off quote with toy train spokesman Kansas City Mayor Sly James:

Mayor Sly seyz:

"This has been probably one of the broadest public outreach attempts that I've ever seen in my life. It has not just been around the expansion. It started at day one. When we first started to announce this . . . There have been neighborhood meetings ... Where people have been able to express their opinion not once or twice but multiple times if they chose to do so. There have been displays where people have been able to walk in and select routes and indicate their preference. There have been surveys. I've went to talk to people in bars, in apartments, in busienss offices, on street-corners to answer questions and talk about this . . . That has been a pattern we've established. Not just be, but with everybody engaged in this."

No word from the Mayor about the suspicious voting method used to get the party started . . . Also, TKC attended more than a few of these meetings that were more like pep rallies not a forum where any kind of critical opposition or sentiment could be expressed.

One more thing . . . This video totally excludes THE SUPER FUN WAY THE TOY TRAIN WAS THROWN OUT OF BROOKSIDE!!!


Meanwhile, the broad in the video has a sessy voice that kinda thew me off . . . For about 10 seconds.

But then I remember this quote from Kansas City Public Library honcho Crosby Kemper III when he called the toy train streetcar vote:

"The single-most undemocratic election in Kansas City since the Pendergast era."

You decide . . .


Anonymous said...

Hey, credit where it's due. At least the video looked nice and was well produced. It's important we get something for our money.

Anonymous said...

Self-congratulatory pablum.

Anonymous said...

Too bad the stupid assed Mayor can't even speak well. "I've went to talk to people in bars..." Good grief!

Anonymous said...

The Kilgore resignation from the Police Board deserves more attention that this horse shit. Yes, I know Tony posted it late yesterday, but that is pretty sorry assed positioning for a story that could bring Skippy Sanders down.

Anonymous said...

This whole sorry fiasco has gone from trying to trick the public to a point where some of these people, apparently including Sly, have actually come to believe their crap themselves.
When you can define a multi-hundred million dollar commitment of public money that will last for decades and was started by 375 voting residents as "broadly-based", you've gone around the bend.
And just how much this is a fantasy will continue to become clear to the public as the actual cost so far, paid for what and to whom, and the costs far into the futurebecome public.
And while the local media is focused on reporting little million dollar deals in local school districts, where are they all when it comes to the biggest scam of all?

elBryan said...

Gosh, wouldn't it have been wonderful if Robert E. Lee had went to talk to people in bars in the South and asked them their opinions on Slavery? Who cares what the North thinks anyway, right? And if blacks or native americans aren't at those bars, that's their problem. What a great outreach.

It's amazing the lengths slimy politicians will go to justify their undemocratic and dishonest behavior.

Hang 'em High said...

Lots of ropes and trees for the crew of criminals running KC is what is actually needed.

Miss Sweetie Pie said...

Mr. Tony,
Funny that Mayor Sly would trot out ergo proptor hoc. NO ONE BELIEVES HIS UNIMAGINATIVE LIES. Sort of makes him kin to creepy Mike Sanders.

Anonymous said...

Look out Sly. Some of us hold you accountable. You being a Republican sure as shit doesn't help.

Anonymous said...

how is this different from the usual TKKKC Tuohey funded propaganda spin?

The same!

Anonymous said...

Looks and sounds like a cover-your-ass production. I imagine a few lawsuits have been threatened and this is their rebuttal. What a bunch of lies. Amazing. "Which one of these corridors do you like best? Choose one of these..." But, I don't want to choose one of the corridors, I don't want a STREET CAR. That is not one of your choices, mam. So, in frustration, the little lady chooses A, and NOW THEY HAVE HER.
She likes A, therefore she likes the streetcar.

The reason the streetcar failed in Brookside was because it could not qualify for federal funding. Brookside doesn't need federal rescue...for revitalization and investment. A few pictures of the mansions along Ward Parkway and Meyer, sent to the Feds, got the attention of City Hall. The threat of 1,000 pictures sent to the Feds to show Brookside didn't qualify....finally got the attention of the counselors. To save face they said it was just too expensive. H E L L O? Yes, it is too expensive if you try to cheat the Feds (our money) out of funding designed to bring prosperity back to areas, which, has NEVER been proven. Without billions of subsidies, existing street car lines would have NO investment. Portland is an excellent example. $600,000 spent on the street car. 1.2 BILLION spent in subsidies.

The trick of getting a mail in vote was pretty cleaver. They pulled the wool over our eyes once, it won't happen a second time. 375 votes. What did it cost the City for EACH vote? $2 million divided by 375 votes. You do the math. And remember, schools aren't just poorly performing. The schools are unaccredited. But we need a new toy.

There will be no extension. The voters know we can't afford these toys that our city leaders want. The airport, the street car going to no where...millions and millions of dollars in debt. Can you say DETROIT? No, Kansas City will vote this down and lets see the movie the city produces, at YOUR expense, to cover their ass on that. Liars, Thieves, low life. The Mayor says we need the street car because Kansas City schools can't give a decent education, therefore, we need to appeal to smarter employees who would be enticed to move here because we have a little, dinkly, go no where street car. I can't make this stuff up. Ask those that attended UMKC meeting this week. Video to follow.

Kansas City leaders need to buck up, and know this is a lost cause. I want, I want, I want and there is nothing I won't do to get it. Evidenced by the Downtown Streetcar Abuse.

Anonymous said...

This whole streetcar farce is a politically motivated boondoggle, and politics is a dirty nasty business.

Let the taxpayers beware your about to be sheered. BIG TIME.

Anonymous said...

8:43: Very good. Don't forget the streetcar will not go anywhere buses can't and don't already go. And buses can accommodate detours. (Try that with a fixed rail.) The next generation of hipsters will find the streetcar so yesterday they'll demand those troublesome and by then unused fixed rails be taken out. It will take a while, though. The ones from the old streetcarb on 75th near Wornall were just taken out a few years ago. By then the merry hipsters of today will be just a bad memory and will be annoying their new neighbors in Overland Park.

Anonymous said...

Whelp...I see by all da killins, plaza teen mobbins, real police officer retirins, Forte fumblins, Ad hoc fund low and Aim 4 Dough too and Bonzo the Buffoon con artist crime fighter down on he luck...It Is Time For Another....URBAN SUMMIT.

Anonymous said...

Total fantasy...Sly just loves to hear himself talk!

Nothing about the massive financial burden this will put on citizens and property owners, further driving people to Johnson County where you actually get something for your taxes. Something like schools and well maintained streets and infrastrucutre.

And just wait till JoCo builds its own sewer treatment facility and bails out of KC's over engineered system. Even more financial burden on the citizens of KC.

Anonymous said...

Vote sly James out of office. No one wants this goddamned streetcar except those who will profit from its design and construction. And the taxpayers will hold the bag. The streetcar was torn out years ago because it was a mass transit failure. Nothing has changed. Except piggie James and his cronies wanting lots of money from US, the taxpayers.

Anonymous said...

Cute. So transparent and reachable. I suppose this is why Sly's thin skinned downtown streetcar hype and spin master David Johnson blocks citizen organizations like Smartkc from being able to engage him on his social media web sites and feeds.

Anonymous said...

Good Humor Man says the victim's last fortune cookie read..."you'll soon be rolling in the dough!"

HOUSTON (CBS Houston) – This wasn’t a good fortune. Police are investigating the death of a man whose body was found inside a fortune cookie company’s dough mixing machine.

The identity of a 26-year-old man is still a mystery since police were called to the Houston branch of the Wonton Food company Sunday afternoon.

Police said that they are waiting for the man’s identity to be verified by the Harris County forensics lab.

“The victim, an employee of the Wonton Food Corporation at [2902 Caroline Street], was operating an industrial dough mixer,” police said in a statement to Houston Press. “A fellow employee found the man deceased in the machine.”

The Wonton Food company is one of the leading makers of fortune cookies in the country creating nearly 4 million cookies a day in their New York factory and a smaller number in the Houston plant. They also make other Asian food items under the Golden Bowl brand.

Police do not suspect foul play was involved in the man’s death.

Anonymous said...

Dang that's a bad way to die.

Anonymous said...

They didn't show Russ Johnson crushing his plastic water bottle and arguing with Glover while citizens south of 51st were handing them asses to them at the last final Main Street meeting?

Anonymous said...

They expect voters to actually believe this bullshit video? LMAO!

Anonymous said...

Vote NO come August. Do NOT let City hall spend us into bankruptcy.

The poorest people are being assessed taxes that make a huge difference to
their lives. This is the difference between milk and taxes. Food and taxes.
Medical care and taxes. The majority of the special taxation area will vote on a
tax for their friends and neighbors who just happen to be living within 1/3 mile of the
street car line. No fault of theirs. Everything was going fine. Life was moving on.
Money hard to come by and wham....a 1% sales tax for the entire area and an additional
tax assessment on the people within the 1/3 mile. City Hall has said they know it is a burden. They don't care.
This tiny streetcar serves so few. It connects to nothing. Buses are
there and they are paid for. Buses connect and serve us well.

Enough is NEVER enough for City Hall. They want it and they want it NOW, damnit.

Talk to ten people. Tell them what's happening, and encourage those ten to talk to
ten more. We must wake up. It is almost too late. The vote is in August.

If you want to be better informed google groups
who are opposed to the street car. You will find them. See what proof they have.
No made up numbers from Sly. No propaganda lies from Nextrail. They cannot
continue to get away with these lies, falsehoods, made up numbers. I think the
Smart KC website offers a lot of information, but there are others. Good luck.

Anonymous said...

Unbelievable. Lying and spinning right out of their asses from the first frame.

How they keep a straight face when making these streetcar promotional clips is beyond me.

Anonymous said...

Heyyyy will there be free ride day on the trolley??

Now I could go for that.

The train joke is proof the citizens of KC have given up or moved out.

What an utter waste of tax dollars to benefit a handfull of out of town rich sobs.

Bullshit Busters said...

Russ Johnson meets angry Brooksiders.

Move Out of K.C. said...

Vote with your feet. There are many other cities to live in around here other than K.C. Many of them are surrounded by it.

Why spend your life pissed of at the city you live in. Move to a city or town that actually cares about it's citizen's and their quality of life and doesn't continually lie to you and treat you like an ATM machine that they can rob.

Move out of K.C. Your taxes and insurance will drop, your schools will be accredited and your quality of life will skyrocket.

Anonymous said...

@1126, there is a significant core of individuals who are at their happiest when they are miserable.

This blog serves as their drawing board.

They will be here in 5 years. The train will be running. The complaining will continue.

And the wheels on the bus go round and round.......

Anonymous said...

I can't wait for the toy train since it's free to ride and I will be able to get to my beard implant appointment. It will make me look older so I can get a job drawing faces in latte foam, then take me four blocks over where my friends and I will do chalk sidewalk art exhibitions while staying fortified with Pabst Blue Ribbons. Of course we are going to Brooklyn as soon as daddy an mommy's third quarter earnings check comes in, and I'll make one last visit to Overland Park to visit them to tell them how successful we've been in making downtown KC vibrant! I'm hoping to get an internship with a cupcakeologist in Brooklyn. And hang out a lot with my friends.

Anonymous said...

Anyone else notice Russ Johnson looks like he has down syndrome.

Hyperblogal said...

Goebbels would be so proud.

Anonymous said...

Sly needs to get his fat ass down to River Market. We do NOT want the trolley in our neighborhood.

Anonymous said...

When the office manager for the KC TEACHERS UNION feels that it is appropriate to make the following public statement on her Facebook site civilization has ceased to exist in KC:

Kim Clause Great article about the Troost corridor and how it is changing. Look for the part about my church, St. Mark's Hope and Peace Lutheran, Pastor Donna Simon and her lovely wife Colleen Simon. Love!!!

That is not a real Lutheran Church and perverts should not be allowed around our children.

So why would you be surprised that we no longer have REAL elections to raise our taxes?

Anonymous said...

The public hates the Republicans but won't bother to vote because the Republicans are going to cheat anyway and the Democrats were always to much pussy's to ever do anything about it decade after decade. Now that the Republicans have taken control of the government they've lost control of the streets by taking away education and health services with the excuse "the government is broke". Now rich folks like Kansas rich man Koch is backing Tea Party Militia's at the Bundy Ranch who have set up illegal check points on public roadways. This is what you get for your conservative vote and you expected more vanity shops on the rail line.

Anonymous said...

Back in Nebraskohiossipi: Aunt Verda passes the baked pork to her shaved headed watermelon-shaped nephew visiting from Kansas City, Missouri. She asks “how is your political fortunes doing Russ? He says “like yah, it’s going sooooo well. It's going to be like the 1920's all over again, amazing. Soon we'll see streetcars covering every block in Kansas City, just like the good ol days. Cars will no longer be needed. Plus KC is now a destination for a creative class of people, who desire modern amenities." Aunt Verda says “why in the hell would you want streetcars Russ they went obsolete ages ago? Russ? Why did you just crush that empty water bottle Russ?” Russ says “ uh like, yah… but like, no…that’s just a myth; the ‘nabe’ was been home to streetcars - a major player according to my buddy Matt who tweets for us out of his condo. He’s been in KC for about ten years or so and he knows a lot about KC. He's a veritable dictionary of Kansas City History. Plus the data we looked at from Mind Mixer and Facebook shows everyone in the city is with us. It's a slam dunk Aunt Verda!"

Anonymous said...


If you actually watched the video, please pick yourself up off the floor, change your underwear if necessary, and let's review a few of the propagandist newspeak language obfuscations which were so grossly employed.

From Sly's Slick Soliloquy:

"inclusive process"
"broadest public outreach attempt in my lifetime"
"neighborhood sorrettes" (sp?)
....because the word "meeting" is SO plebeian
"evaluation matrix"
"the great diversity of all eight corridors"
"integrated comprehensive transit system"
"minimum preferred termini"

Me thinks: Sly & Associates have their heads inserted into their gastrointestinal tract termini, while their minds have been evacuated from the capstone of their vertebral corridor matrix.

But don't worry, it was a process of "elimination" after thorough anaerobic digestive processing utilizing the great diversity of darkness, acidic environment, and constant churning of public input.

Anonymous said...

12:49...sooo funny. So true.
Made my day! He is making a rectum of himself daily.

Anonymous said...

Prostate exams are important for men over 50.

Anonymous said...

City Hall and Streetcar Supporters have now been officially declared certifiable. (officially recognized as needing treatment for a mental disorder)

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

"Kim Clause Great article about the Troost corridor and how it is changing. Look for the part about my church, St. Mark's Hope and Peace Lutheran, Pastor Donna Simon and her lovely wife Colleen Simon. Love!!!

"That is not a real Lutheran Church and perverts should not be allowed around our children."

The Missouri Synod misses you. Come home.

Anonymous said...

stupid nigger.

Anonymous said...

Can't wait to try out the cruelty free hot dogs with soykraut and rooftop seasoned kale relish along the toy train route downtown.

Anonymous said...

Drive that fucking streetcar right up Sly James' gastrointestinal tract termini. THAT I would pay to see. At least .0001% of my income for six months.

Anonymous said...

TKC and others, are you suggesting property owners should only be allowed to vote?

Anonymous said...

I'm sacred of change! Make it Stop! I feel nervous about ideas that I don't know much about and instead of evaluating them I just react to that nervousness! I'm sure everyone agrees with me, because I saw a facebook page that confirmed my preconceptions with like a couple hundred likes!

Anonymous said...

It would seem fair that only the property owners affected by the property tax increase should be allowed to vote for that part of the TDD, and they should know upfront how much they'll be paying if that part of the TDD passes.

Anonymous said...


Maybe you should read the US Constitution, you fucking unamerican shill. You can peruse it on the next slow boat to China, because you should get the fuck out of our country.

Anonymous said...

Where in the Constitution does it address the streetcar TDD? Taxation without representation is "unamerican?"

Anonymous said...

The so called meetings were a scam. The deck was always stacked with City Hall staffers and consultants.