Sunday, May 25, 2014


Hyperblogal offers this photo essay and INSIGHTFUL perspective on what toy train cash could have fixed in Kansas City: What Would Eight-Million Dollars Fix?


Anonymous said...

Interesting ideas and if KCMO actually had an elected city government that was interested and engaged in city issues, these suggestions would be helpful.
Unfortunately it does not.
The initiatives for the council don't come from the residents or businesses. They come from the vast swirl of contractors, consultants, academics, engineering firms, think tanks, attorneys, and all the rest who look at KCMO government as the source of millions of dollars to fund their own dreams and make them very good livings. The public is there merely to provide the money and occasionally get hoodwinked into voting for some tax increase to support it.
When the chair of the council Transportation and Infrasturcture Committee, Russ Johnson, enthusiastically supoorts the idea of taking money from the PIAC accounts, which are specifically designated to fix streets and sidewalks in neighborhoods and spend it on planning for expansion plans for a streetcar in which Phase I has barely started, it shoyuld be clear who's setting the priorities for spending tax money.
And just look at the qualifications and public policy engagement of the next round of council candidates coming along.

Urban Growth Guru said...

If their stupid and you know it start a scam

Like a streetcar or a trolley or a tram

You can rip the people off, so your buddies can play golf

Let the sheeple pay the bills and write it off

Anonymous said...

Why would KC Spend money on neighborhoods? They don't donate to campaigns?