Thursday, May 22, 2014

Must Read: Mary Sanchez Talks Moderation

Our least favorite Latina finds a new political bedfellow . . . More importantly, Kris Kobach finally earns a consequence of the GOP turning their back on immigration as one of their primary issues: Kansans have rare moderate Republican in secretary of state hopeful Scott Morgan


chuck said...

No doubt Mary would have conservatives give up fighting "The Culture War" and join the HIVE. (We are the Borg, resistance is futile.)

Fuck the Feds and thier insistance on subverting the 2nd Amendment. Comon Core, Obama Care (See The VA for a healthy dose of Government run Health Care.) the list of things that the Fed wants to control in your life just keeps growing. Out of control, bloated, pernicious, soul sucking Federal agencies run by facists who answer to thought leaders on the left. Federal agencies populated by liberal cultural Marxists whose every action is designed for self aggrandizing power, position, money and sinecure.

Lets hand out some bonus bucks to all those good folks in the VA, the IRS and get as many guns as possible, as fast as possible to the EPA and BLM.

Thats right, the fuckin EPA and BLM need Swat type capabilies, but you, you dumb fuck, you turn in your ordnance.

The Culture War is the only war and Bellum se ipsum alet, thanks to Mary and the Facists fucks running this country.

Anonymous said...

Morgan and Sanchez should put on cement galoshes and go for a swim in the mighty Missouri.

Anonymous said...

mary eat my dirty asshole.

Anonymous said...

Will Mary tell me what a Dirty Sanchez is?

spyke1 said...

@ Chuck 7:09 am.
Good morning Chuck. Just out of curiosity, and considering your level of intelligence, I'm wondering if you would please explain to me the fundamental differences between, Romneycare, and, Obamacare? More specific, why was/is Governor Romney hailed a hero for his healthcare plan, while, Obama is demonized for his healthcare plan?
And, Chuck, just to be clear, I honestly do read your posts and links supporting the validity of your posts, or, your comments. I truly am curious about this one single healthcare question as I've researched both plans and found very few differences between the two plans, and more interestingly, and once again, the similarities are overwhelming. said...

Good afternoon spkyke 1

This guy explains it a hell of a lot better, with better sources and insights than I could.

Anonymous said...

So the Koch Brother's are the guys in white hats? I guess American Renaissance (AmRen) dream of an ethnic homeland for white folks will be Kansas? Ever wonder why they put Indian Reservations in Kansas?

spyke1 said...

@ 1:04 pm
Thank you very much Chuck. That is an informative article.
I also read,
Understanding the Health Care Cost Drivers and Trends in the Commonwealth.
A Review of State Reports (2008 - 2013)
It's a pretty good read too. It reads like a sort of mini audit outlining the latest available information.
Doesn't seem too awful bad for the future of the ACA.
And again, thanks for thearticle, it explains a lot.