Saturday, May 31, 2014


Right now Rockfest and a crowd that should grow to about 50k is reverberating through Midtown Kansas City.

Seriously, you can hear them all the way up to downtown. That would be cool if their daytime acts didn't suck so badly. Korn or Stained would be fine but the noise that's blasting right now doesn't even make the daytime cut on 98.9.

On the bright side and to be fair . . .

- TKC is now a lot more hopeful about dating options. There are some REALLY NASTY broads making their way to Rockfest who seem not only compliant but also enthusiastic.

- I guess the traffic crackdown isn't as bad as they say, it's a free for all though Midtown right now.

- For all the talk about a drug war . . . Most of Union Hill is getting a contact high right now.

- Is this the "creative class" that's supposed to lure revenue back to Kansas City Proper? Because it's not really working.

On the bright side, it's raining right now . . . So look forward to more than a few muddy Rockfest stories in the very near future.

More in a bit . . .


Anonymous said...

Don't hate on RockFest. They Rock!

Anonymous said...

I see we successfully secured the RNC-

REDNECK National Convention.

The concentration of white trash in Midtown right now is staggering. The stench is wafting miles away.

Polar bear, how's the view? But that beater back on, man. We don't need to see your fat rolls.

RealTKCHeadlines said...


Anonymous said...

Dude, you've been reading all day and all week. If you don't like it, nobody's forcing you to read TKC.

Seems like you're the kind of guy who smells farts all day in a public toilet and then complains about the smell.

I think you're Tony's biggest fan.

Dude said...

@2:41 So you are saying that TKC hangs around public toilets all day just so he can fart and annoy people?

Chester The Charlotte Street Molestor said...

I think he means this blog is a public toilet and you're lapping up the gloryhole (comment section) and then complaining about the taste.

Now, excuse me while I go puke.

Miss Sweetie Pie living the dream said...

Mr. Tony,
Again ROCK ON M.F,!!!!
and should some 40ish skank fall prey to sweet talk..WEAR YOUR PARTY HAT!

Bubba's Ho Temp said...

I like TKC. I take a dump here all the time, this is great reading material for it.

Midtown ROCKFEST Perv said...

i like skanks with dirty feet! I like to fuck them in their dirty asshole and wipe the shit on my cock all over their fat asses! FUN!!!!

Anonymous said...

You know your neighborhood is shit when instead of hearing music on a saturday all you get is the sound of the freeway and the sonic clashing of the Monster stage soundwaves hitting the Capt Morgan soundwaves, bouncing off Union Station and heading to your barrio!

Viva Westside, home of a few mexican restaurants that aren't in KCK, an illegal immigration center, Crown Liquors, La Bodega's magical faggot experience, a popsicle bar and about a thousand tumbledown shacks.

Yeah, fuck gentrification. LOL.