Monday, May 05, 2014

Mel D And More Kansas City Monday Links

Melissa Debling inspires another assortment of Kansas City mainstream media news links . . . Take your pick:

- KCTV5 Takes On Kansas City Shooting News: 'Chaos all night' after KCMO shootings leave 2 dead, 6 wounded

- Rock Chalk Ruckus Today: Police arrest man after chase through KU campus

- Court Date: Man who ran around Parkville and Liberty naked and bloody in court

- KCMO Question: Do car insurance policies cover Lyft users?

- Kansas City Catch: Deputies fish suspect, stolen vehicle from Little Blue River

- Local Criminal Science: Kansas City man sentenced for 1992 rapes of teenagers; DNA evidence led to his conviction

- Taxing History: Historic Kansas City puts Kemper, King Louie on its list of most endangered properties

- JoCo Pussy Priorities: Cats in need of home as Metcalf South closes

- Great Groupon To Support Kansas City Cats And Dogs!!!

- Worthwhile Arrowhead Homicide Fundraiser: VanWinkle honored with annual golf tournament

- City Of Kansas Really Hasn't Changed That Much In The Grand Scheme Of Things

- Kansas City Lost And Found: Man seeks to return ring found in a store parking lot to rightful owner

This is the OPEN THEAD for tonight . . .


Anonymous said...

No description and no arrests of suspects. In other words, niggers are the end of these crimes too. Sure, niggers are destroying the entire country, so why not a little Kansas City at the same time?? Niggers are cancer, time for a cure!

Anonymous said...

"We have looked at some options but we're finding rents that are double and triple what we've been paying for 11 years"

Greedy landlords are another pest destroying this country.

P Bear said...

Another weekend of crime in Killa City, now we got not one black grifter coming out tonight but two.

The Flying Caped Crime Fighting Crusading Negro, Alonzo

and a special treat......

Derron "One Flew Over the Koo Koo's Nest" Blacker than a Ace of Spades Black.

Fuck, it don't get better than this. Now for a about a dose of Glazers stupid shit.

Anonymous said...

I think that fucking bear is Glazer. The first rule of grifting is, you can't cheat an honest man.

P Bear said...

Sorry 9:34. But the Bear credits you with the most offensive comment regarding the Bear to date. god that is a real diss of the Bear.


Anonymous said...

I think I know Polar Bear. Did you bust my head open when we were kids? If so call me.

P Bear said... 10:00 I didn't bust you up. But there are some scars and knots that originated from the paws of the White King of the tundra.

Jesse said...

silly bitches. Your racism had ruined your lives.

Mel D...meh said...

If I can't see her pussy or ass hole I'm not interested.

Anonymous said...

This Mel is disgusting. White trash

Anonymous said...

God Bless The Kansas City Fire Fighters. Our First Line Of Defense!

KC Star Sucks said...

"Kansas City man sentenced for 1992 rapes of teenagers; DNA evidence led to his conviction"

Now wait a fukkin minnit.

If he did 1992 rapes, why the Hell did it take DNA to convict him?
How could rape that many teenagers and have not a fucking one of them be able to pick him out of a lineup?