Monday, May 19, 2014

Maite And The Kansas City Monday Link Pool

Maite Perroni might be our favorite new Mexican hottie this side of Salma Hayek if this photo set is indicative of her great talents.

Also, these are the Kansas City mainstream media links I'm checking right now . . .

- Motorcycle Tribute Through Local Streets: KCPD officers were excited to support military vets as they came through KC on their #RunForTheWall

- Cowtown Scare: 1.8M pounds of ground beef recalled, some in Missouri

- Show-Me Everyone's Right To Be Miserable: Gay woman's Missouri divorce clears way for others

- Gov. Jay Goes Off: Nixon Blasts Legislative Session As 'Abysmal,' While GOP Leaders Call It 'Historic'

- Krazy Kris Invests: Kobach has interest in OP gun maker

- Sunflower State Political Representation Missing in Action: Senate records show Sen. Pat Roberts, R-Kan., spent less than 100 days in his home state using official funds over the course of two years

- Golden Ghetto Winning The Future: Overland Park listed among top 10 places to live for kids

- Lewis Diuguid Optimism Within The Loop: Downtown Kansas City's appeal to young people grows

- Remembrance Prep: Catholic cemeteries to host Memorial Day Masses, May 26

- Help These Lovable Hipsters And Their Carbs: Heirloom Bakery and Hearth, Coming Soon to Brookside in Kansas City

- Obamacare According To The Armed Services: Kansas City veterans have mixed opinions about quality of care

- Cowtown Sound: Country music concerts coming to Kansas City this summer

And this is the OPEN THREAD for right now . . .


Anonymous said...

So what is the problem with a company that will manufacture weapons for Law Enforcement? I don't remember anyone bitching when Emanual Cleaver was blowing millions on pet projects that were directly for the benefit of blacks only in this town.

Anonymous said...

Not a Roberts fan, though he's one of the few Republicans still in office who isn't a total christofascist wing-nut Tea Party type.

But this whole residency thing looks pretty bogus. He got elected to serve in the U.S. Senate. That's not in Kansas. Does he show up in the Senate like he's supposed to? Apparently so. He doesn't spend as much time in Kansas as the other senator? OK. So?

This smells like a Brownbackistani Tea Party plot to drive him out of office. His primary competitor is, no surprise, a wing-nutter and one of Brownback's asshole buddies. And Brownback is on a mission from God to drive every moderate out of the Republican Party, like he's done in the state legislature. Are Kansas voters really dumb enough to buy this?

Anonymous said...

Diuguid really has his hand on he pulse of "young people".
His columns always want to make you look at the date on them just to be sure it's not still 1963.
Aggrieved and put upon, and it's everyone else's fault.
What a great role model.

Anonymous said...

Lewis W. Diuguid
Downtown Kansas City’s appeal to young people grows
May 19

"Downtown Kansas City will be an even more exciting place for the arts in a few years."

WOW!!!!! Does he actually get credit for this one? Talk about "phoning one in" !!

Next up, Mr. DoBad will pen a deep introspective piece explaining that temperatures will be rising over the coming summer months.