Tuesday, May 06, 2014

Luxiboo And Kansas City Tuesday Link Pool

For Tuesday we link and admire the work of Luxiboo and her talents along with checking these Kansas City mainstream media links.

Check it:

- More Kansas City East Side Crime: Vandals shoot out car windows in east KC neighborhood

- Show-Me Round-Up: Missouri tax cuts approved via veto override hailed, hissed

- Dumbing Down Lesson: Missouri Legislature celebrates National Teacher Day by cutting education funding

- Home Alone In Real Life Really Isn't So Hilarious: Mom leaves 2-year-old alone for hours with running space heater

- Kansas City Climate Change Cash: Did KC get bang for buck in energy efficiency?

- Lifetime In Jail: The 20-year-old suspect was sentenced by a Jackson County judge to 19 years in prison

- Victory Against Kemper Clan: Kemper Arena makes list of most endangered KC properties

- Local Doggie Disgrace: Missouri, Kansas top national list of worst puppy mills

- Delivering Death: Accident at local FedEx facility leaves one man dead

- Golden Ghetto Getting Desperate: Man in mid-40s, wearing ball cap with beanie cap robs Leawood bank

- Kosher Menu And Other Interesting Items: Documents list items seized from home of suspect in hate shootings in Overland Park

- Local Misdeeds That Can't Be Turned Back: Brothers accused of odometer fraud arrested in undercover sting

- LAST WEEK We Reported This "Seed Money" Victory With More Accurate Numbers: Missouri budget includes $5 million for 2016 GOP convention in Kansas City

- Keep The KCK Lady Top Cop: Hanson to remain as police chief through 2014

- What Everybody Knows: Survey: Google Fiber selling well in Kansas City

- Lucky Local Broad: Kansas City woman wins $2.5 million Missouri Lotto . . . Kansas City woman made a millionaire by the Missouri Lottery

- Show-Me Tuesday Miracle Of Life: Twin sisters give birth on exact same day

- Talented Clowns: Kansas City's juggling community is so active people move here from other states to participate.

- Suggestions For Downtown Kansas City Hobo Hangout: Public gets to weigh in on Washington Square Park's transformation

- Excuses For Kansas City Losers: Despite Royals' 5 straight losses, Moore stresses patience

And this is the OPEN THREAD we're working for right now . . .


Anonymous said...

Post looks like the amazing SpamoMatic

Anonymous said...

I want Lara Moritz to suck my hard cock and titty fuck me.

Anonymous said...

Garbage in garbage out.

Anonymous said...

I was awakened last night by a strange creaking noise in my house. I called the police and they responded.


Cover up, wake up, all aboard!!!!!

The streetcar broke into my home last night and stole sewer money to pay for sewers and the lamestream media will not cover it!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

All ready saw all these story's this morning.

Anonymous said...

Stories not "story's" learn how to spell and then people will take you seriously. YOU'RE almost as bad as a blogger.

And you did not see Luxi's titays!

Anonymous said...

We love Luxiboo!

Anonymous said...

Nice ta-ta's, chubby legs.

Anonymous said...

True dat.

Anonymous said...

Jezuz Tony slow down you snorting speed or something?

Anonymous said...

If you're a $8/hour barista living in the core and raising organic arugula in your rental window box, you don't have to worry about car vandalism, because you don't own one and never will and want to walk or ride your bike to work.
Of course, if you're a regular middle class person with a family and need a car to get to your job, you take a big financial hit when thugs break out your windows and your insureance deductible doesn't cover the repair.
Hearing that vandalism is just another part of living in a "big" city pretty much sucks.
And so does living in KCMO.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

Wow, 724 really took the "open thread" thing seriously.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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