Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Luxiboo And The Kansas City Link Wave

Luxiboo and her multifaceted hotness starts our afternoon look at all of the important Kansas City mainstream media links.

Check it:

- Kansas City Tech To Fight Crime: Terrorized family uses technology to track thieves

- Tragic Lunch Link: Don Boscoe vehicle stolen with 200 meals on board

- Pap Smear Lost And Found: Clinic tries to link patients to lost medical records

- Local Old School Challenges: Study: Missouri Ranks Low In Senior Health, Kansas Improves Standing

- Suspect Out In The Stix: Man with distinct facial scars wanted for questioning in Lake Lotawana attempted abduction

- Local 3rd Place High Hopes: Kansas City expected to learn convention fate Thursday

- Power Play Aftermath: KCP&L mistake leaves family in dark for 15 hours

- All Of Today's Kansas City Biz Propaganda: Spanish headliner-maker's KC opening makes headlines . . . Spanish Auto Parts Company Opens Kansas City Plant . . . Mayor and Governor welcome new facility to East Bottoms

- Another Luxury Tech Outlet: Apple retailer will open first Kansas City location

- Show-Me Good Eating: Squirrel, bass seasons to open in Missouri

- Local Music Deal Would Be More Impressive If It Was The 90s: KC band Beautiful Bodies sign deal with indie titan Epitaph Records

- Biz Tech Propaganda: Cisco will make KC a 'smart city'

- Seat-belt Lesson: Derrick Thomas to enter College Football Hall of Fame

- Cowtown Reminder: Watch: Cattle visit Johnson County jail

And once again this is the OPEN THREAD for all things Kansas City and otherwise . . .


Anonymous said...

Dat bitch must have some dingleberry Klingons.

Milton Crumbertson, local bookie said...

Life's a beach when you're a nice piece of poon.

Anonymous said...

Mayor Sly James, along with several Cisco officials, announced several ideas to leverage the smart city model to identify potential efficiencies and problems via sensors plugged directly into its downtown infrastructure.

Easy enough just plug sensors into City Hall and the the whole problem will be discovered.

Anonymous said...

KCP&L mistake leaves family in dark for 15 hours

This was no mistake. Undoubtedly, some undereducated, welfare to work jerk cut the service off, possibly after it didn't like what the customer said. KCPL is the biggest scheme running. File a complaint with the Missouri Commission on Utilities.