Sunday, May 11, 2014

Lucy Pinder, Kansas City Murder And Links And Then The Sunday Michael Sam Kiss-Off!!!

Sunday night in Kansas City and it's time to plot and plan for the work week ahead. More than anything, I'm thinking about Lucy Pinder. 


In the meantime. let's review some of other IMPORTANT news from the weekend . . .

- isn't playing nice with Missouri's gayest football player: For Michael Sam, It’s Time To Move Past The Kiss . . . Show-Me Sunday Love . . . Meet Michael Sam’s Partner: Vito Cammisano, a Former Missouri Swimmer

- Serving Up Death: Pizza delivery driver killed in crash into pole

- Being Royal: Escobar and Giavotella homer in Royals win . . . Kansas City Royals comeback to beat Seattle Mariners 9-7

- Show-Me Conservation Link: Missouri Black Bear Foundation Launches

- Dead Tree Media Will Do Anything To Avoid Covering The Slaughter Among Local African-American Males That Nobody Likes To Mention: Domestic danger rises for women with trend in KC area homicides

- NYT Makes Mention Of Knob Noster In This Think Piece: For the Love of Being ‘Liked’

- Not That Great Of A Loss In The Grand Scheme Of Things: Holocaust survivor faces another loss as Metcalf South's closing displaces her tailor shop

- KC Auto Museum Quick Link

- Kangaroo Defense Team For Po'Folk: UMKC law students fight for those turned down for unemployment benefits

- Show-Me Another Lesson In School Politics: Missouri Legislature Seeks to Withdraw From Common Core

- Wall Street Journal Reports On Golden Ghetto Shopping Mall Decoration: Fossil Treasure Repatriates to Kansas

This is the OPEN THREAD for the overnight . . .

Hopefully, and for the morning update, we'll have even more BREAKING/EXCLUSIVE NEWS, discussion, discourse, debate, more than our share of hateration, a few open letters and all kinds of good stuff . . . STAY TUNED!!!


Anonymous said...

CK is going down the tubes along with America.

Anonymous said...

RE: Holocaust survivor faces another loss as Metcalf South’s closing displaces her tailor shop
May 11
The Kansas City Star

Mr. Adler has done a good job covering some very interesting stories through the years.

The problem in this instance, is that he's apparently confusing the Holocaust experience to a normal business occurrence. He deserves a strong rap on the knuckles for such a sloppy inference!

Why not just write an interesting life story on this pleasant lady?

To title your article "Holocaust survivor faces another loss as Metcalf South’s closing displaces her tailor shop" is to do a disservice to this woman's past history and her strong perseverance.

Would Mr. Adler write about a former slave with "Former slave faces more injustice when denied a jumbo mortgage loan"? As if being a former slave has anything to do with one's credit rating, income, and mortgage application processing, etc.!

Anonymous said...

Remember Duck Unlimited? What a drinking party that was! As Karma they geese now shit on their golf courses! We already have a drunk bear that mauls us with racist comments... just sayin'?

Anonymous said...

Faggot Football

America is doomed

Anonymous said...

Negros are not being "slaughtered"
They're being winged, for the most part.
Wish Alonzo would take em to the range more often.

Anonymous said...

I'll bet if Alonzo gets "slaughtered" he will get all the media attention he so craves.

Anonymous said...

Is Michael Sam in love?

Anonymous said...

Isn't a "Cammisano" heading up the outfit in Kansas City?? Wonder what they think of fags.

Anonymous said...

The Michael Same kiss shows that the brothers always go for the white girls.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

MORE niggers and bad the media didn't show him taking it up the ass like they wanted too! FUCK YOURSELVES mainstream media!