Saturday, May 10, 2014

Kimberly And Kansas City Morning Links

Kimberly Garner and her ethereal skinny hotness starts this Kansas City morning link look . . .

- The Kansas City Week According To City Hall

- Show-Me The Road To Nowhere: Missouri transportation sales tax plan in jeopardy

- Baby Fight Report: Planned Parenthood drops Kansas funding challenge

- Meth Town Tragedy: An Independence woman is in jail after authorities say her 6-month-old baby suffering from pneumonia died from malnutrition and neglect.

- Sunflower State Wilting Against Competition: Kansas tax revenues fall while other states see rise

- Rich People Have their Problems Too: Child taken to hospital after near drowning at Leawood home

- Another Discount Selection: Chiefs stay defensive, draft DB Phillip Gaines from Rice in third round

- Left Turn Celebration . . . Rowdy night: Kyle Busch dusts truck field in Kansas

- Even More Golden Ghetto Retail: Johnson County's newest shopping attraction opens

- Cowtown Baseball Small Time: Royals get 16 hits, all singles, in victory over Seattle

- Kansas City lady Challenges: Local women struggling to own businesses

- Left Turn Evening Look: NASCAR's night ticket sales exceed daytime races

And this is the OPEN THREAD to start Satuday . . .


Anonymous said...

Nearly 100 disgruntled UberX drivers gathered outside Uber’s headquarters in San Francisco on Thursday to demand better pay and treatment from one of the sharing economy’s most visible companies.

Best unnoticed story of the week.

Anonymous said...

Prairiefire at last a place other than downtown to take the kids to see and learn history while doing things. No more dealing with the niggers and bums who have ruined KC Mo

Anonymous said...

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