Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Kennedy Summers And Kansas City Links

An overview on the current state of American hotness:

The Rsvlts: 2014 Playmate of the Year Kennedy Summers’s 59 Foxiest SFW Instagram Moments

Also, here are the Kansas City mainstream media links we're checking right now . . .

- MUST READ Northeast News Declaration: Stop the Burns & Mac Cash Dump

- Good news not counting all the people who have disappeared from this stat: Kansas City area job market brightens

- Golden Ghetto Gets A Bit More Ratchet Today: OP police ask for help finding aggressive shoplifters . . . OPPD: Men robbed Best Buy, shoved security guard

- Krazy Kris Ready To Kompete: Kobach to file for re-election

- Another Kansas Politico Rejects Reality: Wolf rejects poll of Kansas GOP in US Senate race

- Important Local Lesson: KCK public schools awarded multi-million dollar grant for Head Start

- More Deets On The Saving Grace Of South Kansas City: Cerner reveals new Bannister-area campus design, proposes $213M expansion

- Born Into A World Of Forever Tax And Free Day Violence: First penguin chick hatches at KC Zoo

- Good Cause In The Aftermath Of Tragedy: Fundraiser to be held for teen paralyzed in surfing accident during Spring Break

- Google Fiber Should Take Credit For More Local Winning: KC named in '10 high-tech cities you'll want to call home'

- Yael On Last Week's Fight: Leawood says 'no' to Hy-Vee, but tax-break mania still infects KC area

- Kansas City News Consideration: Another KCUR Homecoming: An Interview With Gina Kaufmann

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Anonymous said...

Kennedy Summers!

Ah yes, those were the times.

Driving drunk along Chappaquiddick with a young woman by your side....not a care in the world....why even if you ran off a bridge and killed someone, you'd get off due to your family name and local connections.

Pass the bottle, I'll have another drink.

Anonymous said...


TKC, give this guy bonus points for the historical reference.

Anonymous said...

Teddy's secretary was pregnant but he was not going to cross that bridge until he go there.

Anyone remember the classic National Lampoon ad spoof that said if Ted Kennedy owned a Volkswagen, he would be president.

Anonymous said...

Haha, nice one 1:52!!

Anonymous said...

"Teddy I'm pregnant I know it's yours. "Wow!!! OK, That's great. I'll handle it." "When will you tell me what we're gonna' do and I don't want an abortion." 'I told you not to worry we'll cross that bridge when we come to it and once I decide. "Do you have a will?" "No. I don't even have a diary for anybody to read when I die. Why do you ask?" "Cool. Just askin'."