Friday, May 30, 2014

KC Creepyface Aftermath And Other Links...

Actually, that's Riff Raff but we still admire his Bo Jackson Freestyle as we cycle through these Kansas City mainstream media links . . .

- Newspaper: "A Kansas City, Kan., man was sentenced Friday to 106 months in prison for his role in the shooting death of his brother-in-law, a rap artist known as Creepyface."

- Rock Chalk Obamacare Support: Medicaid Expansion Supporters Stage Kansas Statehouse Rally

- Dead Tree Favorite: Fishing report will return

- Meth Town Crook Crew Captured: Street robbery suspects taken into custody

The suspects, Jessica K. Coleman, 21, of Kingsville, Mo., Deondre M. Prendergast, 20, of Kansas City, Mo., and Devonte M. Prendergast, 19, also of Kansas City, Mo., face a total of SEVENTEEN felony counts.

- Not The Cowtown Carefree Highway: Why Kansas Citians Are Fed Up With Highway 71

This is the Friday Night OPEN THREAD . . .


Anonymous said...

106 months? That's all? Shit it's no wonder we breed killers here like crops in CK with slap on the wrists like that.

Anonymous said...

No one wants to talk about how 71 killed the Bannister Mall and the 64134 by opening the area up to east KC ghetto dwellers.

Anonymous said...

71 highway didn't kill bannister mall the pervets and jungle bunnys and guard towers in the parking lots

That guy said...

Damn straight

What A Fine Assemblage Of Obama Voters In Those Photos said...

"The suspects, Jessica K. Coleman, 21, of Kingsville, Mo., Deondre M. Prendergast, 20, of Kansas City, Mo., and Devonte M. Prendergast, 19, also of Kansas City, Mo., face a total of SEVENTEEN felony counts."

For which the JaCo prosecutors office will plea-bargain them to time served and probation.

Until, that is, the douchebag in charge of the prosecutors office gets robbed or raped by one of these shitheels.
Then, a miracle happens in JaCo:
Crime Matters!
Offenders will be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law!

Armed, Extensively Trained, Proficient, Aware, Alert said...

You know, I WISH one of those motherfuckers tried to rob me at the Sante Fe skate park. They would be aired-out with .40 S&W 180 gr JHP rounds. Minimally, triple-tap, center-of-mass. Or more if the threat has not ceased.

Anonymous said...

That is one goddamned ugly bitch in those mug shots.

P Bear said...

You can't make this fucking shit up.....get the fuck outta here.....where do these fucking hood rats come up with some of these names.....fuck?

Deondre M. Prendergast, and Devonte M. Prendergast

LMFAO......fucking Negros....

Buck Ofama said...

Hey Bear,

They probably have brothers named:

Desperatevonte M. Prendergast
Double-entendre M. Prendergast
Sectioneightondre M. Prendergast
Ebtcardondre M. Prendergast
Dieinprisononte M. Prendergast
Prendergastrondre M. Prendergast
Prendergrastonte M. Prendergast
Bitchtoldmeshewasfixedonte M. Prendergast
Notadamnotherone M. Prendergast

All from different "Baby Mamas".

Anonymous said...

Good to see Boss Tom was so racially cool

Anonymous said...

Fucking niggers!

Anonymous said...

Bear if you like those names look up LaGenius Wisdom Williams in Tampa, FLA. Thirteen years old picked up on murder charges. I'm not making this up.

Anonymous said...

Better name for the Tampa, FL kid: LaSambo Tarbaby Turdshade

Planned Parenthood Missed This One 13 Or So Years Ago said...

Valedictorian material here!

Le’Genius Wisdom Williams

Way to go Le’Genius.

We bet your momma is a Le’Idiot.

That has a nice ring to it. Liddya-it.

Kind of like Syphillis.

Let’s hope Le’Genius is weeded out of the gene pool before he can procreate.

Anonymous said...

With these recent developments, I fear all three of them have pretty much guaranteed they won't get accepted at any Ivy League universities. Luckily for them, there is stil U of MIssouri and KU.

Anonymous said...

I used to be pro-life until I saw the statistics on who gets abortion and now not only am I pro-choice, I donate to Planned Parenthood. Margaret Sanger should be on Mt. Rushmore.

Anonymous said...

hey assholes everyone in this great country we live in is innocent until proven guilty, and let us not forget our wonderful media that is more full of shit than a whore in church those three young adults that have been splashed all over the news for the STREET CRIMES in independence are young adults who are paying for crimes they have not yet been convicted i am wondering if the ignorant idiots that have the nerve to post racist comments or think you have the job title of a judge and juror are currently being punished for that