Monday, May 19, 2014


Not too long ago, supermodel hottie Kate Upton said that her booty has been neglected because most people just ogle her cans. . . We aim to address that issue to start the day. Also, check the Kansas City mainstream media links for the early morning . . .

- Naive Newspaper Discovers Mayor Sly Not Really Serious About Helping Internets Entrepreneurs: Feud over Lyft ride-sharing muddies Kansas City's hope to appear progressive

- More Deets About The Run-In Across The Bridge: Arrest made after Northland hit-and-run More: Man nearly runs over two North Kansas City police officers

- Show-Me More Legislative Aftermath: We Asked Five Questions About Missouri's Legislative Session; Here Are The Answers

- Click It Or Ticket Time Coming Soon Throughout Kansas City Area

- Golden Ghetto Food Fight Continues: Leawood residents hope to save area Hy-Vee store

- Kansas City Gourmet BBQ Helping Hand: Cook for courage: top Kansas City chefs collaborate for local cause

- Showtime . . . BWW Preview: Sandy Hackett's Rat Pack Show Coming to Kansas City

- Lesson In Changing Education Paradigm Links: Kansas City schools, parents push hard for pre-kindergarten . . . KCK school program works to help kids deal with home trauma

- Rock Chalk Kick-Ass Lady: KU ROTC graduating first female combat officer

- Guide To This HORRIBLE Week In Kansas City!!!


This is the OPEN THREAD for right now as we start off our morning with all kinds of good-natured hateration, fighting and debate . . . Hopefully, more to come . . .


CocoGaugin said...

Good Work. Keep It Up !

Anonymous said...

It will continue to become clear that pretty much anything that Sly rah rahs about doesn't amount to much.
School takeovers.
Actual downtown private investment.
Innovation, creativity, and the arts.
Actual public transportation for people who actually use it.
Any serious effort at curbing the violence.
It's all just empty showboating and window dressing and is usually accompanied by the expenditure of lots of tax money to insiders and swells.
But at the end of Sly's tenure as mayor, people are going to look around and ask themselves just what all this has really been about.

chuck said...

She's gonna blow up like the Hindenburg.

Anonymous said...

I'd play with that booty for hours on end before fucking it and shooting a load all over it.

Anonymous said...

Anybody see the Star fashion story about how all the 20-something hotties want to look like Sharon Tate? (That is, how she looked before Charlie Manson's zany helter skelter crew turned her into minced meat pie.)

We're talkin' decline and fall here, folks.

Anonymous said...

I'd do her booty until my dick bleeds!!!

Anonymous said...

Life wasn't that bad until until all the New Urbanist “pundits” such as Ed Glaeser, the asinine Joel Kotkin, and dashing Richard Florida came along selling their bullshit to Mayors and all the other clowns in City Councils around the country.

Newt Rockney and the Try-Hard Boys said...

Where's old Polio Legs Guy to claim he wouldn't blow a load in his cargo shorts if he saw her at the local Aldi's?

Anonymous said...

Her booty is fine.

But she's right, those broads with big cans seem to think that they can neglect their legs and booty. I hate seeing the huge ta-ta's with chubby, cellulite-ridden legs and saggy tail.

Anonymous said...

Newt Rockney has much lower standards than the polio legs guy.