Monday, May 05, 2014

Kate Upton And The Kansas City Link Pool

Kate Upton shows off her talents in this photo set and her check these Kansas City mainstream media links . . .

- Kansas City Po'Folk Crackdown: KC bans smoking in all public housing facilities

- Show-Me Freedom: Mo. Man Whose Prison Term Was Delayed By Clerical Error Is Free Again

- Cowtown Global Climate Change: KC area is still 2 inches below average rainfall, but storms are likely on Thursday

- Researching The Digital Age: Kansas City library branches take on added responsibilities

- Presser For Local Ad Jerks: Mad Men In Kansas City

- Nasty Life Out In The Stix: Smithville high school student charged with molesting two grade-school boys

- Not A Saudi Hit At All: Kansas City man found guilty in Warrensburg bar owner's death

- Rock Chalk Nasty: Student reports sexual battery on KU campus

- The Golden Ghetto Keeps Moving Ahead: Developer will start work on $23M Lenexa hotel and conference center

- Rural Area Death: Human remains found in 2 locations outside Sedalia

- All The City Hall Propaganda Coming Up This Week

- Great Places To Die Across The State Line: Survey names 10 'most affordable' hospitals in Kansas

- Freedom To Be Miserable Like Everybody Else: Boone County Judge Grants Divorce for Gay Couple

- Here's The Latest Visit KC Promo D-bag Clip

- HTNB is staying downtown for the moment

- Kansas City Going Out Of Biz In Style: Hardware store closes in unique fashion

- Andy Warhol In Kansas City . . . Sorta

- The Great War Tribute For Reasons That Nobody Understands: Kansas City's World War I Monuments

- New TV Dude: KCPT announces new COO

- AED Kansas City Saves Heart Attack Victims: Foundation puts life-saving devices in dozens of public places

And this is the OPEN THREAD for right now . . .


Anonymous said...

Where's old Polio Legs guy to tell us that he wouldn't blow his load in his cargo shorts if Kate walked by him in the grocery store?

Anonymous said...

Tony aren't you going to be super sleuth and find out what happened at the Point? Just the fact there is silence (cover up) sez sumptin aint' right here.

Tony said...

I'm posting on the topic . . . And thank you for the note . . .

Anonymous said...

8 different shootings this weekend....and Alonzo,

The Flying Caped Crime Fighting Negro was

hidden in his bat cave fingering his cat. WTF ?

As for the Point.

Fuck the Point. Only douche bag cunts frequent

the Point. Let it close. Public would be better off.

Anonymous said...

The 80s called. They want their hot piece of ass back.

Anonymous said...

Slurp. Like a thirst-stricken Scotsman.

4:36 polio penis likes Kate just the way she is said...

everyone knows she has polio legs...that's why they hide them under water.

Anonymous said...

The polio legs "guy" is a catty bitter middle-aged woman.

Anonymous said...

AED's in public places? I wonder if morons in this city could even figure out how to use them. Its really not necessary, I hear the KCFD is top 5 in the nation for response times and cardiac arrest saves. And for sure number 1 in the nation for blowing a ton of shit and smoke up the asses of the same morons who pay their wages...just saying.

Anonymous said...

God Bless The Kansas City Fire Fighters. Our First Line Of Defense!

Anonymous said...

Somehow, Tony's Johnson County fails to mention the 1% extra sales tax for a CID to be used for expenses within the hotel "district" that NO ONE got to vote on, or the 20-year TIF for the convention center no one will ever use...