Saturday, May 31, 2014

Kansas Congressman Yoder Calls For Fed Investigation Of Kansas City Vet Death

Congressman requests investigation in Kansas City Iraq War veteran's death . . . “In light of national allegation of excessive wait times and fraudulent bookkeeping at VA hospitals throughout the country, I believe this case warrants additional scrutiny and investigation,” Kansas Congressman Kevin Yoder wrote to Acting Inspector General Richard Griffin at the Office of the Inspector General of The Department of Veterans Affairs.


Anonymous said...

Excellent. Congressman Skinny-Dip is on the case, crying crocodile tears to try to politically distance himself from the Senators of his party who voted down S.1982, thereby singularly denying all veterans the benefits they deserve for sacrificing for our country. Didn't hear him crying back in February.

They'll find the money to send you out to risk your life in Halliburton's war, but when it comes time to help you get back on your feet (assuming you still HAVE your feet), the Republicans cry poverty.

Yoder is just another crass, self-serving shit-stain on this country, just like the rest of his party. Fuck them.

Anonymous said...

Yoder if you want to know what is going on in the VA have 100 vets to a town hall. Trust me there will be enough there to for you to get an idea.

Anonymous said...

Yoder is a fucking joke

Anonymous said...

The Vet died in a warrior stance. What else do you need to know other than Yoder's a pussy.

Anonymous said...

This is all for show. Yoder doesn't really give a shit. This is a photo op and news story. Yoder is a Republican too. Cleaver is just as bad and he is a Democrat tool. Anyone who thinks political parties matter any more is stupid. There will be no real changes at the VA. A few people will get fired, a congressional special committee will get forms, Obama will have a photo op where he personally sets up an appointment for 1 vet but in the end, the vet gets fucked. Obama got a Nobel Peace Prize for sending men and women into wars.

Anonymous said...

Non of the politicians give a shit or even have a clue. Every fucking time there is a VA scandal they all howl like a dog and find someone to sacrifice and then it is business as usual.

Kiik at how this thing has played out. First it is Phoenix VA, the the vets get wind of it and go "Hey that same shit is going on here. So then they decided to review ALL VA medical facilities and two weeks later there is an I.G. report that is mostly superficial bullshit.

Folks I guarantee you the I.G. could not get through one VA medical facility in two weeks, let alone over a hundred.

The fucking mouth piece politicians just want to get political points and then bury the VA issue fast - just like in the past.

They aren't going to conduct an investigation because they would end up firing or prosecuting a shitload of money wasting worthless bureaucrats. Congress is the same bunch that buys $2000.00 toilet seats and builds bridges to nowhere. Do folks really thing these crooked, lazy ass sonzabitches want to deal with the truth?

Anonymous said...

Sign up to be a murderer for 60k of free college and you might just come back with your soul still in the Kush.

Caveat Emptor you flag waving shitheads.

Continue whining about your free healthcare, please. We care so much.