Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Kansas City Tuesday Night Round-Up Look

Just a few more Kansas City local links and stories to consider this evening . . . Also . . . Photobabes: Lina Posada & Natalia VĂ©lez in an EPIC lingerie gallery

- Kansas City Crying Wolf Expense: KCFD claims 125 patients accounted for almost 2,000 calls in year . . . Chronic EMS users costing KC taxpayers millions, says fire chief

- Cowtown Killing Aftermath: Widow confused about husband’s death during standoff with police, wants his belongings back

- Show-Me Secret Killing Hold-Up: Federal Court Stays Execution Of Missouri Inmate

- South Kansas City Build Up After Decades Long Delay: After four decades, upgrades of Longview Road are finally complete in south KC

- Gunning Down The Urban Core: Kansas City police said they're investigating a shooting at the intersection of Meyer Boulevard and Prospect Avenue late Tuesday.

- Rock Chalk Big Bucks: Hall Family Foundation pledges $25 million for KU Med building

- Healthcare War @ Home: Veteran voices complaints with KC VA hospital

- Local Cusine For A Good Cause: KC BBQ Society works to help feed hungry people across US

- Double Dumbing Down: Citing decline in gambling proceeds, Missouri Gov. Jay Nixon cuts education funding

- Nasty Across The State Line: Kansas City, Kan., man sentenced in three sexual assaults

- Broadcast Diversity Celebration: Radio campaign seeks ‘Awesome Things East of Troost’

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Anonymous said...

If only black people were better shots.

Anonymous said...

When most of your state's population is reduced to collecting unemployment and food stamps, or working minimum-wage jobs, nobody can afford to gamble anymore. No degree in economics needed to figure that out.