Saturday, May 31, 2014


An abundance of violence in Kansas City tonight along with a few other reports and Wendy Fiore inspiration.

Check it:

- Gunfire Starts Earlty In Kansas City Tonight: KCPD responds to 2 separate shootings in less than an hour . . . Critical injuries reported in shooting on KC's east side

- Rock Chalk Shooting Report: Gathering at Lawrence pool ends with gunshots, 1 wounded

- Dead Tree Media Considers TKC Blog Community Forgone Conclusion: Aim4Peace program attacks violent crime in Kansas City, with mixed results

- Local Infrastructure Accident: KCP&L worker injured on job at 75th, Ward Parkway

- Kansas City Chiefs Weed Smoking Probation Good Deeds: Bowe helps Northland kids get playground

- Sunflower State Teaching Moment: Kansas Cardiologist Saves Doctor Who Trained Him

- Kansas City Losing Streak Continues: Blue Jays use big 1st inning to rout Royals 12-2 Saturday

This is the OPEN THREAD right now . . .


Anonymous said...

It never fails to amaze me the ease and frequency that negros display in shooting one another, or anyone else,for that matter.

It MUST Be Said said...

KC = Detroit

Anonymous said...

Prospect? What a surprise. Must be the Irish again.

Anonymous said...

You're right 10:07..seems they were beefing over a buggy Bender.
Crazy bastards!

Anonymous said...

No, it's not the Irish, or the Amish, or the Swedes....No, it's the fucking niggers....It's ALWAYS the stinking niggers!

Anonymous said...

Peaceful night at the Zoo. The monkeys were all grazing on "grapes".

Perhaps the City could drop cases of Grape Soda along Troost, Cleveland, and around Turd Creek Rec Center.

Oedipus said...

My mom's tits look exactly like Wendy's.