Thursday, May 22, 2014

Kansas City Ruckus Late Night Last Stand

Kansas City's GREATEST LEFT VS. RIGHT FOOD FOR THOUGHT FIGHT is going into turnaround for the Summer and THIS WAS THEIR LAST STAND SHOW in the original configuration that we all know and love . . .

Take a look:

Mary O'Halloran traffic trouble kinda threw off the flow of program but there were a few good points to be made . . . People who actually watch this clip might notice a bit of tech difficulty but just skip ahead to when they start over . . .

Topics include:

- Missouri GOP Domination In Jeff City

- Homicide Stat Examination Done First By Dr. Evans

- Kansas City As A Millennial Magnet


We look forward to the new format . . . A BIG TKC THANK YOU TO MIKE SHANIN AND RUCKUS for the times that TKC has earned a mention on this GOLD STANDARD of local opinion discourse.


Anonymous said...

So the Fusion Center is decreasing the murder rate?

Anonymous said...

I disagree!

Anonymous said...

WOW.....three weeks in a row....The Polar Bear took that anal plunge with another bowel cleanse.

Whewwww...never knew something could feel so good.

I guess when your full of shit, it would feel good. Perhaps those ass clowns at City Hall and the clown circus on RUCKUS could try a DOUBLE DOUCHE CLEANSE ?

As for the Hipsters, the Bear has a garden hose hooked up to a 4000 psi power washer with a giant black dong on the end of it. Since you fuck love black cock so much, enjoy it up your ass with your cleanse.

Now all of you's, fuck off, for the entire holiday.

Anonymous said...

4 is the magic number this weekend.

That will be the murder count by the hoodie rats this Memorial Day. Could reach 6 if any have been practicing.

Normally a stolen gun only has on clip in it and there are no Obama bullets on EBT at this time.

Now you can all fuck off.

chuck said...


If you watch RUCKUS over your shoulder in a mirror, her chair is empty, only a disembodied voice, screeeching on and on and on and on, whining, whining, whining about Sam Brownback.

Scary fact--

The accident that delayed Mary was a head on collision with a city bus at 39th st which threw her through the window, where she hit a light pole and ricocheted onto the hood of a Duece and 1/4.

Not a scratch.

Mike's joke was very funny, great imitation.

Anonymous said...

Who is that fossilized old hag on 'Uckus.

Is this where the goulies of KC ilk congregate and pontificate?

Why don't they have another creepy crawlie named Glorioso on there too and call it Zombiekus.

Hyperblogal said...

I only watch it if Crosby Kemper is on it.. He's the last person making any sense in this town.

Anonymous said...

Mary has like 3 racist sockpuppet accounts here and frequently poses as a polar bear. Cum guy is mike shannin.


Anonymous said...

Don't tell me...Mike is going to fuck Mary in the...EEEEEEEW!

Anonymous said...


Welcome to KERPLUNKUS!!!!

Your weekly food for thought fight over the news of the day and the trends of the time.

After reminding viewers this is the last show before summer hiatus, and they have a lot of ground to cover, Mary O'Halloran's absence throws host Mike Shanin into a kerfuffle.

GOP Success Dominates MO Jeff City

Welcome back WOODY!!!!! Mr. Cozad reports "nobody can figure out the theme of the second Nixon administration." Gwen and Yael hate on Republicans....SURPRISE!

Gwen accurately reports the 1 cent tax for streetcar expansion faces an UPHILL battle. Yael jumps in and tries to make the positive case for HIGHER taxes, but ultimately agrees with Gwen. (Mary arrives in the studio, and Mike delivers whip lashes off camera)

Mary, still a bit dizzy from her traffic accident, gets lost in describing the process of addressing the murder rate. Newsflash...Gwen admits that "I'll never stop saying we need more gun control." Woody reports on a statistical factual example of how Richmond lowered their murder rate by enforcing existing law. Yael reports on KCMO City Council negligence.

Yael reports the millenial migration to KC has slowed under Mayor James leadership versus Funkhouser. Mike utters the best line of the show when asking the geriatric panel...."Do you know millenials? What are they like? How are they different from the rest of us? Do they wear badges?"
To which Woody responds with BRILLIANCE. Everyone please go to the 25:20 mark and listen to wisdom...."this is an admission of defeat, what you want are families with kids, what the cities are saying is that they can't attract them, the place is unlivable, the schools don't function, the families with kids aren't going to be here, so then you go after retired people and folks in their 20's and 30's who don't yet have school age children, and so it's a second best option. The hard work is in making this place attractive to families with children."

Mary TOASTS, er, still dizzy, she meant ROASTS Gov. Brownback for the ads he's running. Mike has to crack the whip on Mary for going overtime! Gwen ROASTS VA Director Gen. Shinseki for mismanagement. Woody TOASTS state legislators Justus, Kelly, Cox, Dixon for the overhaul of the criminal code, an eight year effort. Yael TOASTS KC voters in a subtle effort to promote higher taxes. Mike winds up this terminal episode with his best Dr. Charlie Wheeler impression.


(Rumor has it that Tony has been approached about joining in the rotation of an expanded panel list)

DR. Ernest Evans said...

Dear Mr. Tony: Thanks for posting this info!! Memo to the "Ruckus" panelists: On the crime issue with respect to KCMO, you once again avoided talking about "the elephant in the room"--the issue of race. The crime surge in KCMO since the spring of 2008 has entirely been in the city's black neighborhoods--the white, Asian and Hispanic neighborhoods of the city have either held steady or experienced declines in crime. The programs that the participants mentioned (AIM4Peace, NOVA, etc.) all have a lot to be said for them--but they are, at best, only a partial response to the crime problems of the city's black neighborhoods. If we want crime in those neighborhoods to decline, the city's politicos need to take certain specific steps. First, Mr. Abouhalkah, I enjoyed the Star's latest editorial on the crime situation. Now let me respectfully urge you, again, to do what I first suggested six years ago that you all at the Star need to do: Run a full page editorial saying that in the US everyone, including white police officers accused of racism, deserves due process. Now, I know a lot of people around town will go ballistic if you run such an editorial--but since doing so will save the lives of a lot of black people I think that you should ignore these protests. Second, Ms. Grant, I always find your insights on "Ruckus" most helpful, let me respectfully suggest that you and the city's other community leaders pledge that in all future cases of alleged police misconduct there will be no threats of a convention boycott if things turn out differently than you want them to. These two steps would, I feel, go a long way to ending the now more than six year old bloodbath in the city's black neighborhoods. Take care and God bless. Sincerely, REspectfully and In Christ, Dr. Ernest Evans

Anonymous said...

They need to dump the two hags and replace them with someone with a brain. Tony would be a good addition to this panel, but I doubt if anything could save it. KCPT is being run by ideologues and has no connection to the community save for kissing the establishment's ass.