Saturday, May 17, 2014


Today was mostly about protest in Kansas City media for weed, diversity and other subjects dear to our hearts . . . Take a look:

- Local Tribute: KC Rally honors wounded soldiers

- Lesson In Cutbacks: Teachers protest governor at Kansas Statehouse

- Rock Chalk Weed Fight: Kansas families rally for medical marijuana

- Family Fight For Alternative Treatment: Family says legalizing medical marijuana would help little girl

- Sunflower State History March Of Sorts: People in Kansas rally on the anniversary of Brown vs. Board ruling

Consider this the OPEN THREAD for all of your yelling and shouting and other insights . . .

5 Comments: said...

Blah, Blah, blah...,

Here is the video, the fucking truth. said...

Here is a protest, oh no, sorry, it is BLACK crime, so, it really does not exsist.

Free Republic said...

Come join us at Free Republic, the world's biggest community of dunces.

Anonymous said...

Take it back you mother fucker!!
You outta line!

Anonymous said...

im old school. I smoke MJ to get....high.