Saturday, May 17, 2014

Kansas City Newsie Week In Review

Here are the Kansas City Newsie elite looking back on this week in local history . . . Also, Dave Helling wishing bloggers would go away along with Mary Sanchez and her lilting voice . . .

Topics (most of which we either discussed or BROKE on this blog) include . . .

- The Kansas City Lyft Ruckus

- Fist Lady Michelle Obama in Topeka

- Missouri Abortion Chat

- Kansas Prof Twitter Crackdown

- UMKC Downtown in lieu of jobs

Also, there seemed to be a little bit more newsie fawning over themselves than usual.

Enjoy the talk, we'll be back BREAKING news while they're talking about it in just a bit . . .


Anonymous said...

I wonder if cum guy would like to have a 3 way with Shelley and Sanchez?

chuck said...

Helling's analogy using the KC Star's desire for for all "Bloggers" to go away while B Shelly grins and bobble heads to the left is a beautiful thing.

I think I might have a little thing for Mary Sanchez. Come to the dark side Mary, haters need love too.

Brown V Board, blah, blah, blah. The reason for the continuing sub rosa effort to avoid blacks is VIOLENCE. Shut the fuck up, it is the culture and content of character, NOT the color of skin.

12% Sales Tax is fucking insane. It will kill business, what is left of it.

I wonder if those professors who think the social media rules are onerous, think Donald Sterling should lose his team.

Helling says Journalism believes in the 1st Amendment, but is that a "Troublesome Inheritance" undone? No. Dude lost his job and the Grey Lady is the biggest hypocrite of all.

Anonymous said...

I wish all has been journalists go away and I bet the odds of me having my way are about the same as Hellings.