Saturday, May 10, 2014

Kansas City Newsie Elite Week In Review

Let's start off the Saturday with a round-up of all the important topics in a somewhat busy news week according to the people who manufacture consent deliver the content.

Check the latest Week In Review from KCPT:

Topics include:

- Kansas City Airport Terminal Decision - Good line not enough skepticism for TKC but an important conversation nonetheless.

- Missouri Gov. Jay Nixon veto override smack down implications. Harsh times for Hillary's potential first lady.

- The short session in Kansas because nobody really thinks Rep. Paul Davis is a serious contender.

- Northland Toy Train Streetcar Pipe Dreams . . . An idea manufactured by Dead Tree Media that's more like a wishlist and not really related to transit reality.

- Important weed conversation amid changing times in Missouri.

Lots of good stuff in addition to a few jokes.

Hopefully, more in a bit . . .


CocoGaugin said...

Keep up the good work.

Anonymous said...

You want to get in and out of the airport not see which one has the best Hot Dog.

Travelers want in and out. To get to their appointment or home, not buy hot dogs and barbecue, or read a sign saying be sure to ride our toy train before you go home or to your appointment!

Anonymous said...

Good point. Does anyone drive to the airport to shop or eat?

Anonymous said...

KCI Sham Taskforce
Berkebile says...."It will enhance the city's image, and provide new funding opportunities.."
Does everyone understand that this BILLION-DOLLAR PLUS terminal is PRIMARILY about "image"???? Sly is desperate to get some huge project started during his term, while the Chamber of Commerce types are cheerleaders for everything new.

MO Gov. Nixon On Tax Cuts
Best line was from Patrick: "It's not as if the state is against the idea of cutting taxes. Look at the Boeing special session from last year. If it's ok to cut taxes for a single corporation, I think it's appropriate to assume that you can cut taxes for everyone else."
Helling, fresh from the Rachel Maddow (liberal lesbian loquacious lashing of Republicans) show, touts the Democrat talking points.

KS Short Session
Nothing here.....move along.

Housing Authority Snuffs Tobacco
Garrett Haake utters the "slippery slope" reference. The Welshman lingers way too long on this topic!

Toy Train North
Horsley speaks commonsense on the cost issue, while Helling attempts the "cachet" angle.

Soft on Cannabis
Don't blow smoke on this issue, it's ALL about states looking for additional tax revenue.