Sunday, May 18, 2014


Here's some Kansas City doggie help for those who don't have time to hit the street looking for lost pets. Also, given that most of our city services now revolve around political correctness . . . Doggie resources trump far more important bulky item pickup . . . But I digress . . . Bookmark this info for that sad day when a pet goes missing.

Sunday TKC bright side link for those who DO NOT want to think that all most behavior is simply a complex array of stimulus/response cues . . . Your dog really does love you: Scans reveal affection comes from same part of brain as humans

Now here's the Kansas City info:

Residents who lose a pet can go to to fill out a lost pet report and view the list of found pets at KC Pet Project, located at 4400 Raytown Road.

Residents can take advantage of a package deal that provides a rabies vaccination and tag, a City pet license and a microchip — all for $30. The deal is a joint initiative called Project T.L.C. offered by the City and the local nonprofit Spay & Neuter Kansas City, which runs a low cost spay/neuter clinic at 1116 E. 59th St.

KCMO: A lost pet makes your family sad


Anonymous said...

That is one beautiful prize winning bitch. The dog is cute too.

Anonymous said...

I'd sniff her but, then hump all over her leg.

P Bear said...

lol.....I just bet you would 5:09.....probably hair shoot her too, huh ?