Saturday, May 10, 2014

Kansas City Kansan Perspective On Washington High Bounce House Revolt

Now that the dust has settled after student protest in KCK elicited calls to police . . . Here's a nuanced perspective from the top publisher in that part of town:

The Kansas City Kansan: Everyone can learn from Washington seniors' protest

Money line:

"Just as Washington's students deserved answers about their $50 fee, taxpayers should demand and receive the proper transparency of where exactly their hard-earned tax-dollars go."

We don't disagree at all but only contend that it's kind of embarrassing that high school seniors are willing to "go to the mattresses" because they didn't get to play in a bounce house.


Anonymous said...

Yes, Nicky, and Madrina Ann and her henchman Billy are out rounding up the answers as we speak.

Anonymous said...

Why does culture have to be so homogenized? Must all these schools look like the produce section at Price Chopper? Maybe capitalism is the problem and not the bounce house?