Thursday, May 29, 2014

Kansas City Clippers Bid?!?!

Don't count on it . . . Kansas City is more interested in toy trains and political parties than an attraction that people would actually like to watch.

Source: Clippers draw as many as five bidders

Then again, it's doubtful that Oprah or Magic Johnson would bring their team to Kansas City.


Anonymous said...

Yes, send Circo and Michael Brooks to negotiate the contract. KCMO has plenty of money!
Moving an NBA team from LA to KC has even less chance than the GOP Convention, which has none.
Welcome to fantasyland, Sly James huckster-in-chief!

Anonymous said...

There will not be an NBA team in KC but the Sprint Center will be used as leverage against other cities. Vacant arenas make for easy bargaining for NBA teams.

Anonymous said...

Pigs will fly before KC gets an NBA team (or an NHL team for that matter). This city has no interest in bringing another major league team here...well...until the city big wigs decide they need another arena. Then they'll dangle the NBA/NHA carrot out there again to drub up approval to spend 100s of millions again just to NOT get the team the arena was intended for.

Vicious cycle. Rinse and repeat.

Anonymous said...

Eventually the NBA will get rid of all white owners and when they do, the NBA will go bankrupt in 5 years after they get rid of the white guys.

Anonymous said...

That Bear boner guy had it as a plot for Magic Johnson to steal the Lakers.

What's cool about this site is that you can pull crap out of your ass, and then not be responsible for its accuracy.