Thursday, May 22, 2014

Jessica-Jane And Kansas City Tonight

Jessica-Jane Clement inspires our link look this evening . . .

- Meth Town Death Threat: Teen points gun at woman’s face as children played just feet away at Independence park

- Lit Tour Of Local Killing Fields: Kansas City Crime Writer Shares Four Chilling Murder Locations

- Golden Ghetto Overland Park Bank Robbery: The robber presented a note to a teller that said "I will kill you."

- Dead Tree Media Cheerleading: Get on KC's bandwagon effort to win the 2016 Republican National Convention

- Tribute: KCPD remembers 119 fallen officers in ceremony

- Kansas City Crime Story: Mom anticipates arrest in son's murder

- Internets Celebrity: One-on-one with Kansas City's infamous @KCChimp1

- Deets On The Career Of A Cowtown Doogooder . . . Three Decades Of Poverty Law In Kansas City: Highlights From Julie Levin's Career

- Meth Town Gratitude: Couple shot in their home thanks EMS workers

- Internets Of Everything . . . Mayor James announces smart technology framework between Cisco and Kansas City

- Local Eye Of The Beholder . . . Faces of Kansas City: Dead fish create beautiful art

And this is the OPEN THREAD for right now . . .


Anonymous said...

Leave it to Christa Doublebil to get a exclusive with a chimp.

I guess that being a Kansas cow opens doors.

Anonymous said...

Oooooooo, burn.

Anonymous said...

I guess none of these victims grasp why we have CCW and the right to defend our homes in this state? Buy a fucking gun people or just paint a target on your ass, whichever works for you.

Anonymous said...

Can the fucking Kansas City Star get anymore lame?? This is the poorest excuse for a daily paper, anywhere in this country!