Friday, May 23, 2014

Jessica Alba And The Kansas City Link Pool

Jessica Alba and her bikini hotness reminds us that there's actually a reason to celebrate the Summer . . . And here are the Kansas City mainstream media links we're checking . . .

- Kansas City Violence Treated Like Disease: City embraces new approach to fighting violent crime

- Look For This Golden Ghetto Dude: Overland Park Police issues Silver Alert for KCK man

- Local Perv Catch: Kansas City police arrest man who allegedly exposed genitals to children at park

- Old School Scam: Woman warns or reverse mortgage scam artists

- Golden Ghetto Take Down: Man sought in bank robbery at 158th, Metcalf

- World's Tallest Disaster In The Making: Schlitterbahn's Verruckt 'not behaving properly'

- Conservative Party Chatter: KC’s GOP convention bid: What other finalists are saying

- Meth Town Opportunity: Wal-Mart hiring for new Independence store

- Show-Me New Rules: Mo. bill permits removal of rowdy campers

- Popular Conception: Survey: Missouri Veterans Happy With VA Services

- Perv Justice: Man ordered to trial in raping, killing of Hailey Owens in Springfield

- Show-Me Censorship Second Thought: Missouri Prisons Halt St. Louis Magazine Ban

- Kansas City Real Estate Scheme: Kansas City Land Bank Seeks Applicants for Advisory Board

- Kansas City Tech Connect: CityCampKC looks to connect city, startups

- Local Folksy: Billy Joe Shaver cancels performances, including Westport Roots Festival

- Country Club Tribute: Plaza fountain turns orange to raise awareness of strokes

- Meth Town Promotion: Greene named acting Independence Fire Chief

- Guide To The Boozy Weekend: Memorial Day Weekend forecast for area lakes

- Rugrat Celebration: All about KC Jiggle Jam 2014

- Shame On Kansas City Lady Newsies For Not Taking This Opportunity To Show Some Skin . . . Nobody Wants To See Newz Dudes Do This: Syed Shabbir tests out new surf simulator in KC . . . Nick loses his drawers while surfing at Bay Water Park

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Anonymous said...

Nick and Syed get points for trying it out live on-air! More guts than most any other newsies.

Question: Could Nick get in trouble for violating the "morals & decency clause" in his contract?

Anonymous said...

"Kansas City Violence Treated Like Disease"

That explains why you can't get a KC cop within a mile of stopping it. They think there is a quarantine.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Drunk hillbillies with motorboats, all pissing in the lake. A weekend to remember.

Anonymous said...

Treating violence like a disease is simply an academic's clever way to get to some health industry money. For instance, locally the Health Foundation picks up part of the tab for the worthless Aim4Peace program.
Dialing for dollars is really the primary focus of most of this mumbo jumbo, so it's hard to tell what new concept will be rolled out next.
And in KCMO, the elected folks will do ANYTHING to try to avoid actually addressing the issue, which is the increasingly self-destructive and criminal behavior of a small minority of the population.
And it will only get worse.
Over 100 homicides in KCMO this year and the rollout of a whole new menu of excuses.