Friday, May 16, 2014


This Friday we're all forced to agree with the most controversial columnist to ever work in Kansas City . . .

Jason Whitlock for ESPN: "Michael Sam's decision to do a "documentary series" -- reality TV show -- on the Oprah Winfrey Network is a gigantic tactical error for Sam and his supporters within the LGBT community."

Here's another perspective that caught my attention via social media. This one is more to the point:


REACH . . . "Bold prediction: Michael Sam will be the first openly gay player to be cut from an NFL team."

Like it or not, anybody who really follows the game understands that Michael Sam might be an NFL pioneer but that doesn't change the fact that his stats are poor and his 7th round draft pick status is otherwise unimpressive if not for a political culture war surrounding his sexuality.

Developing . . .


Anonymous said...

He's right. Sam should want to be known as "just" a football player. If his teammates and coaches get the feeling it's all going to be about him they are going to cut his ass in training camp. If the team thinks he's a distraction, he's gone.

Blaz Tavers, local gadfly said...

What a complete shock! A gay dude turns out to be a total diva!

Anonymous said...

Wait there are 7 and 8 years old who know they are gay and need help? WTF 7 and 8 year olds have zero idea what sexuality is, unless some part of our society forces it on them

Anonymous said...

Kind of like JW is just a fat ass, not a n#### fat ass

Anonymous said...

The Michael Sam reality series is simply an opportunity for him and his supporters to vilify as homophobic those who may disagree with Sam on matters not related to sexual orientation.

chuck said...

He's slow he's small he's a footnote.

Anonymous said...

Oprah = Big, Steaming Pile Of Bullshit

It had to be said...

Shitcock calling the kettle black?

Anonymous said...

Sam is the biggest name in pro football now. But the guy just isn't good.

ESPN for three damn days made him the biggest name in the US. ESPN and the main stream media made you believe he was the first pick taken in this years draft. Not seventh from the last chosen.

As Chuck said, he's slow, small for the position. He's an Arena Football player, CFL at best.

That's why he took this reality show. He wants to cash in before people who don't follow football find out that he's not the Jackie Robinson or Roberto Clemente of gay athletes.

He's just a guy the Rams used a throw away pick on. My guess is because the league pressured them into it so the NFL won't look homophobic.

But I bet no one in the MSM will do their job and look into that.

Anonymous said...

Now that the GLBT crowd has their clutches in him, Sam has no chance and will be thrown away when his usefulness is gone.

I don't like Sam, but good for him for cashing in before he is cut from the Rams.

chuck said...


This was NEVER about gays and gay rights. It is about killing traditional America and getting the new Demographic energized and polarized to hate that same America.

The New AmeriKa.

That kiss was on TV for 4 days straight every sports show and every news show.

In the halls of Academe, in the News Rooms of the 4th Estate and now, in the board rooms of Professional Sports Teams, the contempt and hatred of America has never been more apparent.

It's not the protection of Gays, it is the assault on traditional mores, ethics and values, the Judeo/Christian concepts that this country was built on is now a target for smarmy, lefty condescension and facists politicos who run our lives.

This had very little to do with fay rights and gay life styles.

It is the weaponized, liberal assault, aided and abetted by the 4th estate and Hollyood.

Fuck Oprah.

Anonymous said...

Reach will be the first openly gay MC cut from the TKC roster.

Anonymous said...

Fuck Jason "Fat Ass" Whitlock, fuck Michael "Cocksucker" Sam, and fuck Oprah "Aunt Jemimaha" Winfrey !

Three NEGRO douche bags.

Can you say "CAGE FIGHT"

Anonymous said...

ptops to 6:43 - 7-8 yr old kids haven't a clue about sex..

growing up in KCK -- we heard adults cussing out others as "cocksuckers!"

we thought they were saying

Anonymous said...

commisano just set the italian coummity in the northeast side back a 100 years hope they are proud of him.

Anonymous said...

The nigger faggot wouldn't have gotten drafted in the first place if he hadn't publicly announced that he sucks dick. But after he came out as a butt pirate, the NFL put pressure on its teams to make sure he was drafted so that they couldn't be accused of discrimination.