Sunday, May 18, 2014

Insiders Say The Cowtown Big Will Move Forward One More Round: Kansas City GOP Convention 2016 Hope This Week

KMBC: "Next week could be a step forward or the end of the road for Kansas City's attempt to land the 2016 Republican National Convention."


Anonymous said...

It's important to drag this out as long as possible so the planners and consultants can relieve the swells and local governments of as much money as possible before the inevitable disappointment.
We've watched this movie an endless number of times, but the electeds shoveling our money out the door can never quite seem to figure it out.
Next up: Another study for a taxpayer-subsidized downtown hotel.

Anonymous said...

We don't want the convention and the inconvenice it would bring. If we get stuck with it, can only hope that our leaders will make RNC paid for all the additional cost of having it here.

Anonymous said...

Local "leaders" making the GOP pay the extra costs of having the convention in KCMO?
These clowns don't even make huge corporations pay to build their own buildings.
Who paid for all the extras for the All Star game?
The innovation capital of the world!
Sly's Fantasyland.

Anonymous said...

KC Playhouse Scene:
Black SUV, sporting upscale wheels and whitewall tires, piloted by Mayor James, crammed with City Council, Chamber of Commerce, Economic Development and Tourism crew inside.

It's a dark and stormy night. The scene opens as the SUV, stereo blaring "Everything's Up-To-Date In Kansas City" turns down a narrow dimly lit dead-end street littered with broken bottles, used condoms and syringes.

As the SUV approaches the dead-end, they're blocked in by a rogue elephant, and a group of well-dressed white men wearing red ties and carrying ball bats approaches the driver's window.

Mayor James gingerly lowers his window and says, "Hi guys, how's our bid looking?" To which, the leader of the group replies, "You're close, real close, there's just a few more things we'd like to have." ..... Fade to black.

In the darkness, sounds of a struggle, shouts of protest, a stampeding elephant, followed by tires squealing.

Lights slowly reveal Mayor James and crew, now in their underwear, shoeless, without a vehicle, arguing amongst themselves. As the lights dim once more, a voice is heard to say, "Another fine mess you've gotten us into Sly!"