Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Guadalupe Center Gift To Kansas City

Really great profile from NORTHEAST NEWS that doesn't mention a great deal of hateration toward the undocumented that will undoubtedly emerge despite the fact that the alternative was a hooker retirement home housing for sexually exploited women that the neighborhood opposed. The best line: "At a recent Kansas City, Mo., business session, Jean Paul Chaurand, chief operating officer of the Centers, said the purchase (of the Saint Paul’s School of Theology campus) was a gift to everyone in the Centers. But after hearing the presentation from Chaurand and chief executive officer Cris Medina, councilman Jermaine Reed, whose district includes the campus, explained the purchase was more a gift to the city.

“I’m glad to have the Guadalupe Centers in the heart of the third district,” Reed said. “I’m delighted you guys have the campus and what it will mean for the Northeast part of town."


Anonymous said...

Where did the retired prostitutes end up moving their retirement home to?

Anonymous said...

Downtown has lots of empty space. And it would be right near the P&L District, perfect for the GOP convention.
Another great victory for Jermaine!

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