Friday, May 16, 2014

Gov. Jay Soon To Get Schooled In Missouri Student Transfer Private Option Fight

STL PUBLIC RADIO reports the student transfer fight that resonates in Kansas City and also seems clandestinely anti-Catholic and awaiting a veto: Mo. House Sends Student Transfer Bill To Gov. Nixon With 'Private Option' Intact


Reason said...

Veto the shit slab. I do not want my tax-dollars used to support any form of superstition or private profit.

Anonymous said...

Why have you turned so Republican? Nixon won't be 'schooled' moron.

He knows full well the political handicaps progressives face.

As do we all. KC and STL are islands of liberal thought in a state whose rural areas haven't caught up.

Learn this, Tony. Maybe you're just being populist and backing the backwards ones! You wouldn't be the first to do that, sadly.

Anonymous said...

Veto this poison pill lazed bill.

Pandering is not Populism said...

8:54 AM

Tony is not even being populist, he just hangs with cheap-assed, self-deceiving, TEA Party types and dances like a trained "PANDER' BEAR."

Tony's Friends Under-Perform at DC Rally said...

Several tens of brave ammosexuals and gun-fetishists, and ignorant parent's basement-dwellers are baffled by their own spectacular failure!