Wednesday, May 28, 2014


Two dozen GOP denizens will descend upon Kansas City on June 4-6 to determine if this town has what it takes to host the big GOP Convention 2016 . . .

Don't get too happy . . . They're visiting Cleveland (ewwwww) that same week.

Hint . . . They'll finish off in Dallas June 11-13th.

Developing . . .


Anonymous said...

Not much time for Sly to designate all the specific places to take them and routes to follow. Street and sidewalk repairs, some new tree and flower plantings, maybe even some paint and demolition of an ancient dilaptidated bulding or two.
All the kinds of things residents have been asking for for years, but have been repeatedly told that there's just not enough money.
Activate the emergency ordinance machine!
Just like the All Star Game.
A city that works.
Just not for you.

Anonymous said...

Happy? We do not want the convention and the associated inconvenience & cost. For once do you think Sly could do what the majority of the citizens of KCMO want.

Anonymous said...

Not a chance! Sly thinks this is all about HIM, although NO ONE remembers which city these conventions take place in, much less who the mayor was.
All part of the hot air fantasy on the plains.
Not a whole lot there, but it's getting mighty expensive!

Anonymous said...


June 7 Headline: Kansas City eliminated from short list of possible host cities for 2016 Republican National Convention

In their exuberance to showcase Kansas City dining hospitality to the visiting delegation of Site Selection Committee members, it appears that while living "high on the hog" locally for a few days, multiple members contracted a case of porcine epidemic diarrhea (PED) virus.

The virus which has killed up to 7 million pigs and pushed the price of pork and its derivatives to record highs, is apparently easily contracted by members of the pachyderm family as well.

Mayor Sly and Council are still mopping up the massive fecal spill.

Anonymous said...

Cleveland or Denver is where they will go.

Anonymous said...

Dallas or Denver, in that order. Kansas City, not even in the game.

Anonymous said...

When you're sitting around a table and you know one of the participants is a mark, but you don't know who, IT'S YOU.
In this case the guy wearing the silly bow tie!
Spending YOUR money.
And some folks will draw this out and milk it for all it's worth. To them.
When does the Music Man roll into town?