Thursday, May 01, 2014

Fighting The Kansas City Car Theft Spike

The NBC Action News sweeps story that should inspire locals never to visit Midtown: "Faced with a 15 percent spike in reported vehicle thefts last year, KCPD and the Missouri Highway Patrol have taken on a new tactic in the effort to discourage, if not stop thieves from turning cars into scrap in just hours. On Tuesday, the Attorney General’s office used the results of a joint Highway Patrol and KCPD investigation to issue a temporary injunction against Clark’s Auto, on East 12th Street, which it accused of knowingly trafficking in stolen cars for years and taking advantage of a legal loophole introduced into Missouri law in 2012 to sell many of them as scrap."


Anonymous said...

They may have trafficked in stolen autos but the KCPD allows stolen autos to be driven about. Kids steal cars, drive them until they run out of gas and abandon them. If they are spotted the cops look the other way because its only joyriding.

Anonymous said...

Carjacking is a bigger worry than car theft. Most people with enough money to own a car worth stealing have theft insurance. But the advent of electronic/security ignition systems makes a lot of bad guys prefer stealing cars while the driver is inside. Given how many car thieves are gun-toting meth heads, crack heads, ghetto rats, etc., really bad things can happen to you if you get jacked.

There should be signs at the city limits: Welcome to Killer City. Lock all doors, roll up all windows. Enjoy your visit.