Friday, May 09, 2014

Federica Nargi And The Kansas City Early Friday Morning Link Pool

Inspiration can come from a lot of places but this morning an Italian fashion blog inspires us along with Federica Nargi and her bikini hotness.

Also there are these Kansas City mainstream media links to consider . . .

- More Deets On The Cowtown Taxi Status Quo Crackdown: KC toughens stance against Lyft

- Golden Ghetto Inconvenience: SMSD’s plan to reassign students from program into schools causes anxiety

- Dead Tree Media Dictates: More minority teachers needed in classrooms

- Local Tribute; Bill would rename D.C.'s Union Station after Truman

- Kansas City Twitter Tornado Season Advice

- Show-Me The Fancy Fight: Battle over caviar production rages in Missouri

- Today's Global Climate Change Fact Check: From Snow To Sweat: Kansas Skips Spring

- Kansas City Baseball Stays Losing: Iwakuma pitches Mariners to 1-0 win over Royals

- More Kansas City Condolences: Neighbors, classmates giving well-wishes to critically injured six-year-old

- Great Clip @ About Golden Ghetto Prairie Fire Museum

- Show-Me Condolences For Old School Politico: Former Mo. Governor Joseph Teasdale dies of complications from pneumonia

- Kansas City Plans To Party With McTavish: The Weekend To-Do List: May 9-11

For Friday morning, this is the OPEN THREAD for all any comment about these links or off-topic conversation . . .