Saturday, May 24, 2014

Even More Jessica Alba And The Kansas City Early Saturday Morning Links!!!

Jessica Alba and her hottie comeback starts our Saturday morning as we review these Kansas City mainstream media links . . . Take a peek . . .

- All Of The Propaganda From 12th & Oak: The Kansas City Weekly Report

- Angels Embarrass Kansas City Royals

- Steer Clear Of Driving Danger On Kansas City Streets: Police hope deadly crash on holiday weekend isn’t a sign of things to come

- Justice Across The State Line: Guilty verdicts in double Kansas City, Kan., killing

- Gov. Jay Tax Increase Extravaganza: Nixon shortens campaign by putting sales tax on August ballot

- Sunflower State Reprieve: Kansas Supreme Court vacates two 'Hard 50' sentences

- Kansas City GOP Party Prep: Possibility of RNC to KC is exciting, but also requires precise planning

- Soccer Shootout: Late goal costs Sporting a win as they play to a 2-2 draw with Toronto

- Tradition Of Service Continues: Local vet volunteers at VA, hospital

- Sound Of Kansas City: Local Listen: My Brothers & Sisters

- Deep Linking: Summer unofficially begins this weekend, and for many, so does boating season

- Dead Tree Media Reports Smart Move For Outddor Movie-Plex: I-70 Drive-In Movie Digital Upgrade

And this is the OPEN THREAD for early Saturday morning . . . Enjoy!!!


Anonymous said...

BREAKING NEWS: Epic Hipster meltdown in Santa Barbara, California.

Mad Hipster crawls from his subterranean domicile to do the Lucky 7's.

7 dead, 7 wounded at the hands of a Hipster who left his manifesto. Stating that he was tired of women rejecting him and being "picked on".

Sounds like TKC could have a number of potential Lucky 7's in training.

Fucking Hipsters....

Anonymous said...

P. bear drinking early again! Life must not be treating him good. Need to switch to diet coke maybe.

Anonymous said...

Hey now, we like the polar bear. He's a fun, funny, furry bastard.

Anonymous said...

Fuck You 6:14

Anonymous said...

Alba almost finished jerking off in just a moment.

Anonymous said...

12:06 = clever

Jessica, alba taking your nude photos today for the blog site Tony's Kansas City. Alba having you turn around and bend low at the waist while grabbing your ankles.

Hey, that reminds me of "Dark Angel."