Monday, May 12, 2014

Dr. Milton Wolf Stays Losing On Play Against Sen. Pat Roberts Kansas Residency

AP on KSHB and a voting controversy that never happened and at least it's harder for the Tea Party to rob white people of the vote: A state elections board Monday rejected a claim that U.S. Sen. Pat Roberts is not truly a Kansas resident, allowing him to seek re-election this year.


Anonymous said...

This wolf guy is the pits. Everyone is born with a noose, he is just very very interested in using it. I wish he would slink back to the sewer he came from. I would not use his services and not recommend.

Anonymous said...

It is an interesting challenge, but I think the fact that Roberts owns property here in KS, pays taxes here, and has a DL from KS wins the day.

Whether Kansas voters like a Senator who is disconnected from the state like Roberts is another story. They need new blood in that easy "R" seat but he has no real challenge.

Jon Drake said...

Dr Wolff..what a an arrogant elitist.

Once I say how he was making fun of injuries on his facebook page I knew he didn' care about the people.

He just wants for power, and he would be able to rope in even more for the Med Profession from a senate seat.

Doctors have drained people I know of everything they have, and even when the results are no good they still come after you.

Anonymous said...

The most frightening aspect of this frivolous nonsense was when one of these enightened "Constitutionalists" declared that they should win the day because their appeas were "common sense", that right after they were told they had no basis in law, either Constitutionally, or in state statute.

Wolf is an incompetent, inexperienced, scandal-ridden putz who has been denounced by medical professionals as an "unethical" "jerk" who needs some counseling". Both his stump speech and his "book" (what used to be called a term paper) have been found to contain several errors of fact and yet he continues with the same false narrative day-in and day-out.

This combination of deceitful incompetence and cultish authoritarianism is an embarrassment to the state of Kansas and the conservative movement he falsely claims to represent.