Thursday, May 15, 2014

Chloe Goodman And The Kansas City Links

Chloe Goodman and her curvy Brit hotness inspires contemplation of the news day in Kansas City that mostly revolved around increasing violence and taxes.


Take a look:

- Kansas City Death With Shootout Convenience: Man shot while outside funeral . . . Police swarm neighborhood after man shot . . . Shooting reported outside KCMO church

- Lesson In Local Tragedy: Riverside teen sentenced for boy's drug death

- Guy You Never Heard Of Calls It Quits: Eco-devo shocker: Figuly will retire as PIEA director

- Beginning Of The End Of Kansas City Public Schools: Missouri Senate passes school transfer bill

- Calling It Quits In Meth Town: Independence fire chief announces retirement

- Low Key Michelle Obama Visit After Initial Rejection: First Lady to address high school seniors on Friday

- Show-Me Sweet Hollywood Deal: 'Gone Girl' makers get $900,000 in Missouri tax credits

- Wall Street Journal Covers Crony Capitalism Back Down: Missouri House Speaker Says Anti-Tesla Bill is Parked for Now

- Obamacare Investigation: Affordable Care Act contractor under scrutiny

- Cowtown Video Game Scam: Kansas City robbers target man selling Playstation 3 on Craigslist

- Today's Lesson In Violence: Ambulance called to Winnetonka High after students fight

- Big Time Suburban Scammers: Former Blue Springs agent gets prison in $11M mortgage fraud scheme

- The Road To More Cash For The Heavies: Transportation sales tax to go on Missouri ballot

- Not All Bad News In Kansas City Today: KCPD officers replace young boy's stolen bike

- Show-Me Special: Oprah's network plans series on NFL's Michael Sam

- Sunflower State Shows Some Heart: Poll: Kansas Sixth Most Charitable State

- Family Helping Hand That Should Empower You To Ask For Cash At Least: KC man donates kidney to brother

- Prez Obama Approval For Local Arts Lady Almost Complete: Kauffman Center CEO Close To Confirmation For National Endowment For The Arts

- Today's Lesson In Heroism: Kansas girl, 8, drives SUV on busy highway after mom passes out

- Final Act: KC Ballet's principal dancer set to retire

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Anonymous said...

What are roast beef flaps?

Anonymous said...

Buck Ofama

Anonymous said...

Roast Beef Flaps = Delicious!

Anonymous said...

There it is, good ol Benton Blvd. again. How very black of them to shoot somebody at a funeral. I'm actually surprised they don't apply that tactic more often. Black people have no bottom. They go under the bar every single time, no matter how low it is.

Anonymous said...

- Kansas City Death With Shootout Convenience: Man shot while outside funeral . . . Police swarm neighborhood after man shot . . . Shooting reported outside KCMO church

Another shooting at a Black Baptist Church (during a funeral). The first was a year or two ago at Macedonia Baptist Church, coincidentally also on Benton Blvd. Draw your own conclusions.

Anonymous said...

Even though it is in a shitty black area that Benton Blvd McDonalds is fire

Anonymous said...

Non-life threatening injuries from NINE shots? Time for some target practice on the east side!

Anonymous said...

Nice act by the Cops to replace the little kids bike.

Anonymous said...

Even nicer act by the African Negro. Who in the fuck shoots someone at a fucking FUNERAL ?

Only the African Negro can lower the god damn bar that fucking low. Shooting someone at a fucking funeral. Unbelievable.

Shoots the guy 9 times and only hits him twice. Had to be a Police Academy graduate.