Thursday, May 01, 2014

Check The Kansas City Ruckus Tonight!!!

It's work week round-up time in Kansas City . . .


Topics include . . .

- Golden Ghetto Elections

- Golden Ghetto King Louie Real Estate Questions

- KCI Future And Predictions

- Koch Brother Control Of Kansas Politics

- Teacher Tenure in Kansas

- As always, Roasts And Toasts is worth a look with an NBA shout out.

Now, this is largely JoCo based but really about making nice amid contentious Conservative vs. Liberal hateration. Take a look. More in a bit . . .


Anonymous said...

Basically the Steve Rose show.

Anonymous said...

The left will never change, all they can do is promise more freebies. The left base does not work and will keep slipping down the stool.

P Bear said...

The Bear did a colon cleanse during RUKUS.

Obviously nothing new from that collection of ass clowns.

If any of you hipster type, politically correct, black nut suckers want to sniff my ass.....come on over...the zoo is dead tonight.

chuck said...

Of course, it is Maty's Birthday today, fucking May 1st. No irony that that Commie is celebrating her Birthday today.

When she dies, they will bury her in the fuckin Kremlin.

chuck said...

Oops, "Mary's" Birthday, I was laughing at the Bear's colon blow remark.

Anonymous said...

Good covering Johnson County topics. It reminds us how cursory KC Star coverage is.

Anonymous said...

Turning into a trash heap.

Anonymous said...

10:42.... We don't eat spam 'round here. But you can blow me.

Anonymous said...

We can thank The American Legislation Exchange Council (ALEC) for averting a citywide General Strike today in Kansas City during May Day. Thanks to the Bipolar nature of organized labor in the presence of ALEC in the city tomorrow, May 2nd. -Thank You, Black Block

Anonymous said...


I would like to ROAST Gwen Grant in effigy for being among the many premature elocutioners of blame and ridicule toward NBA Clippers owner Donald Sterling.

Mr. Sterling an eighty-year old white Jewish man, while speaking PRIVATELY with his now ex-girlfriend on a cellphone, honestly expressed his feelings on race relations as she egged him on and secretly recorded the conversation. Did I mention that Mrs. Sterling had initiated legal action against the girlfriend to recover some $2 million worth of gifts her husband had extended?

Now, my point is not to condone expression of offensive stereotypes toward the different races, but rather to fight for freedom of speech and protection from legal recourse when honestly speaking one's opinion....rude and distorted as that may be for some. Particularly when engaged in a PRIVATE conversation. Who among us have never voiced a discriminatory word when speaking of others race, gender, ethnicity, appearance, height/weight, intellect, etc. ?

Besides Ms. Grant (who's from Kansas City and has no ties to the Los Angeles Clippers) who else felt the overwhelming desire to insert themselves into this controversy? Let's review:

Earvin Magic Johnson--HIV+ promiscuous adulterer, father to a gay son (not that there's anything wrong with that).

Adam Silver, NBA Commissioner--on the job since Feb. 2014, with a reported salary of $10 million/year, he's very eager to please the other owners who've been wanting to force Sterling out.

Leon Jenkins--president of the Los Angeles NAACP branch, the group granted Sterling an award in 2009, the same year the real estate magnate and L.A. Clippers owner paid $2.73 million to settle U.S. government claims that he refused to rent his apartments to Latinos and blacks in Koreatown. While a Detroit judge, Jenkins in 1988 was indicted on federal bribery, conspiracy, mail fraud and racketeering charges, according records from the State Bar of California.

President Obama--a self-admitted drug abuser, and unacknowledged closeted homosexual. Reportedly once said, "if you like your NBA team owner you can keep your NBA team owner."

Jesse Jackson, Sr.--disgraced minister who fathered a child out-of-wedlock while married to a different woman, and father to convicted Congressman Jesse Jackson, Jr.

Shaquille Oneal--who was just ridiculing a mentally-challenged man on Instagram the other day.

Michael Jordan--with a compulsive gambling addiction, and who divorced his black wife in 2006 after carrying on a secret affair with a white woman Karla Knafel. In 2013, married a white Cuban-American model.

The list is very long, but perhaps you get the idea.....those who live in glass houses shouldn't throw rocks.

May I suggest Ms. Grant be fined $250, and receive a lifetime ban from RUCKUS?

Thank you

Anonymous said...

@11:10 - Now that is some DAMN FINE journalism that I can't read any place else. Nice work!

Anonymous said...

KCPT should tone down the set lighting. These people are not movie stars.

Anonymous said...

Of course Rose endorsed Eilert. This has been a guarantee for 40 years. Didn't Eilert and OP keep the SUN Newspaper in business for years with all of the City's business?

Show me a picture of Ed Eilert and Pat Roberts and I will show you two old guys who need to be retired? Soon!

P Bear said...

11:10 excellent points and well spoken.

The Bear has maintained since day one that this was a planned hi-jacking of Sterling by Magic "Aids Boi" Johnson. Around the zoo, we refer to Magic as the "Smiling Nigger".

No, Smiling Nigger planned this after he was told by LA Laker ownership that he would NEVER own the Lakers. Smiling Nigger then went to work on Sterling. And the end result was a media lynching of a rich Jew. Can't make this shit up.

The Bear will provide a detailed timeline of this use of "RACISM" in a attempt my Smiling Nigger to steal Sterlings NBA team.

Anonymous said...

Gwen Grant has just one speech and it's about how everybody else is at fault for the condition of the black community and the solution is for corporations, foundations, and various levels of government to give her and those she designates as much money as they ask for.
And the local cowards pony up year after year and even give her a weekly platform to spew her garbage on public televison.
So whether an event takes place in Sanford, Fl, Nevada, or LA, Grant's message is always the same.
But her message to the local thugs who continue to murder and destroy east side neighborhoods is....silence.
If KCMO is the least bit serious about ever doing anything about the crime and violence on the east side, the first thing they need to do is to stop being intimidated by people like Grant and her ilk.

Anonymous said...

Well done 11:10.

Ms Grant seems to have a weekly display of cluelessness. Is it me or did she repeatedly talk about new "tunnels" and connecting the "tunnels" at KCI.

Anonymous said...

Agree with 11:10 except the Pres. used marijuana, which is not the same as being a "drug abuser."

Anonymous said...

8:04 comment

Please reference his book:

from Dreams from My Father:

"I had learned not to care. I blew a few smoke rings, remembering those years. Pot had helped, and booze; maybe a little blow when you could afford it. Not smack, though—Mickey, my potentional intiator had been just a little too eager for me to go through with that."

"Blow," in case you weren’t aware by now is another word for cocaine, and "smack" would be heroin. So Obama snorted cocaine when he could afford it but turned down heroin because he didn’t like his potential dealer. Obama has made no secret of his past cocaine use, even liberal news outlets like the New York Times and the Washington Post have written about it.

The President would have been in Hawaii during his high school years, and in the state of Hawaii cocaine possession of any amount is a felony.

Anonymous said...

Still say there's a difference between user and abuser.