Sunday, May 18, 2014


Take a listen to this EXCEPTIONAL HIP-HOP COLLABO featuring Kansas City artist REACH.

What we like about this track . . .

- Certainly this track is an anthem for the Spring. A preview for great things and it has sort of a marching theme that seems to be leading up to even greater things.

- Credit to Reach for getting comfortable fact with how much the New York sound has always influenced his style. KC hip-hop has always been stuck in the "middle-of-the-map" musically and some have been torn between competing styles from East Coast to West with Southern influence further complicating the mix . . . In this track, Reach clearly favors his East Coast musical roots.

- This track has a hard hitting . . . Make for cranking up loud on a quiet Sunday afternoon.

Check the presser, we'll be annoying neighbors all day with this Kansas City made music.

Producer and longtime host of WNYU’s “Halftime Show” teams up with a veteran emcee from the Midwest to peddle a new product to the masses!

DJ Skizz & Reach supply the dope for their demanding audience.

Kansas City stalwart, Reach, has recently aligned himself with Boston-native DJ Skizz for a new single titled “Fix.” The song is a metaphorical vignette that draws a parallel between the life of an independent recording artist and an enterprising drug dealer.

The track debuts on the 2dopeboyz blog the weekend of May 16th 2013 production album (B.Q.E). That project featured Lil' Fame, Ill Bill, Sean Price, Roc Marciano, A.G., Steele, FT, Torae, Masta Ace, Nature, Cormega, Craig G, Big Noyd, Havoc, Psycho Les, Rah Digga, and more. . Skizz is credited with production on the song. The track follows his Reach has been hard at work on two separate album releases. Both projects are of the extended play variety and feature full production work from Big Apple producers.

The first, Perfect Strangers, is a collaborative offering from both Reach and Manhattan-producer Brady J. (scheduled for a Q2 release). The second is still untitled, but features production from legendary Canadian-producer (now living in New York) Marco Polo. The project is tentatively scheduled to be released in the fall.

The two pair up admirably on “Fix” to re-interpet the iconic boom bap that characterized Hip Hop of the 90’s. The blaring horns in the foreground and lilting strings in the background give the song an epic feel. Reach’s conversational flow fits comfortably in

Trey Research Games Enhanced With Two New Additions the pocket and accentuates the driving bass and straight-forward drum programming.

You’ve been served.


Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

Monkey farts is funny. This track kicks ass. grow up dude.

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Anonymous said...

Fuck...........the Bear had diarrhea from last night's selection of monkey love chirps.... today's installment put the Bear into full blown runny shits.

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Anonymous said...


First the good news. Really like the music! Excellent beat, and some good effects.

Now the bad news. Lyrics STINK!! Same OLD gangsta/drugs regurgitation. Jesus Christ! People do not want to hear you talking about drugs. Lyrics delivered in a boring monotone.

Keep the music, rework the lyrics into something original and positive. Is it remotely possible for a young black male to send an uplifting message of encouragement to America's youth?

Anonymous said...

Looks like someone tried to stuff ten pounds of shit in a five pound bag.

Anonymous said...

Reach ain't bad but this is kind of a new one for him. Surprised by the drug analogy.

Anonymous said...

Reach thinks to highly of himself. Have some humility, you're not that great.