Thursday, May 29, 2014

Candice And The Kansas City Thursday Links

Candice will always be our favorite . . . Accordingly:

Candice Swanepoel is Back And Better Than Ever

And here are the Kansas City links we're checking right now . . .

- Gentrification And Another Midtown Kansas City Real Estate Fight: Residents fight to save historic buildings along Armour Blvd.

- More Racism Of Sorts: Heart Walk affects Plaza area traffic Saturday

- Justice In The Golden Ghetto: Suspect in Jewish-related shootings faces Nov. prelim hearing

- Local Activism Training Ground: CityCamp 2014 is set for this Saturday in Kansas City


- Power Play Compromise: KCP&L reaches settlement on energy plan

- Sunflower State Rules & Regs: Kan. urged to have simple signs for barring guns

- South JoCo Search: Olathe police seek help locating missing/endangered runaway

- Overland Park Bike Police Ready To Roll

- Rock Chalk Report: Authorities: Shooting on highway likely not random

- KMOX NEWSIE TAKES ON MISSOURI SPY TECH COMING SOON TO KANSAS CITY: Charlie Brennan's speeding ticket case goes to Missouri Supreme Court

- Door To Door Garbage: Don’t use red trash bags for household garbage

- Calling out Kansas Katy: Did Sebelius Lie When She Certified a Key Piece of Obamacare Was Working?

- Kansas City Career Alteration: Brookside resident leaves teaching to open dress shop

- Boozy Bragging Rights Among D-bags: Kansas City's Manifesto listed as one of the nation's 'essential' cocktail bars

- Settle For This Kansas City Democracy: It's MLS All-star Voting Time, Sporting KC Has Eight Nominees

- Kiss Corp. Rock & Brews hold grand opening with Gene Simmons, Paul Stanley

- Kansas City Mexican Food In The Burbs: Los Corrals opens in Meadowbrook Village

- Forcing People To Look @ Lady Soccer: FC Kansas City must earn exposure from league's ESPN TV deal

- Kansas City Anchor Man Advocacy: John Holt proves to be an active voice for men, prostate cancer screenings

And this is the OPEN THREAD for right now . . .


Anonymous said...

If the Supreme Court rules that these speeding cams are prima facie evidence of a crime then never again shall a police officer, caught on camera, be able to say, "It isn't what it looks like".

Anonymous said...

Finally, a woman with a real set of dairy cannons. Unlike the globules of saline most of these bimbos have that's a set of user friendly hooters. More of those, please, fewer of the cows and their udders.

Anonymous said...

Sebelius will fry in Hell for her deceit, lies, and crimes against the people of the united States.

Anonymous said...

It is amazing how many political women are just like cmeth hoes. They smell the power and they are in heaven.

Anonymous said...

How can you tell Kitty Kat is lying???? Her mouth is moving, unless it's on the lying nigger in de white house is feeding her his talkin points!

Anonymous said...

Los Corrales opening another shit hole in the burbs ? That sucks. Wonder if the beaner Pee Wee will have his kid that still shits his pants working in the kitchen whipping up turd burritos?

Hey, little Pee Pee Wee Wee.... haven't forgotten you, back jumping spic.