Friday, May 02, 2014

Bryana Holly And Kansas City Friday Links

Bryana Holly is a 22-year-old reality star wanna-beast but her beauty still inspires this collection of Kansas City mainstream media links.

Check it:

- Today's Tech Spying Fear On Local Streets: Google Glass on the streets of Kansas City

- Kansas City Metro Training Day: MCC-Penn Valley hosts mass casualty simulation Also: FBI, police to train at Metro North Mall Friday

- Cowtown Ladies Last: Funding lacking for KC's women-owned businesses

- Golden Ghetto Gas Scare: Two Olathe QuikTrips receive contaminated fuel

- Toxic Afternoon: Some KCK residents urged to stay indoors after chlorine leak

- Tragic Crash Aftermath: KC man charged in death of a grandfather parked on a road

- Be Royal Injury: Royals place Bruce Chen on disabled list

- Kansas City Cars Stay Winning: Another strong month of sales for KC-made autos

- Classic Workout: Downtown YMCA plan looks at options including Lyric Theater

- More Mad Men Mimics: Four KC advertising agencies earn national AAF awards

- Mark Your Calender To Support A Good Cause: Stamp Out Hunger food drive set for May 10

- Healthcare Austerity Kills In Kansas City: Girl in hospital intensive care after Medicaid stopped

- Another Org To Watch: State Parks Youth Corps Expands to Kansas City

- Did You Buy Your Miley Cyrus Bangerz Tickets Today?!?!

- Kansas City Chihuahua Parade In Kansas City On Cinco De Mayo Because You're Racist

- Food Talk Across The State Line: Summit In KCK Takes Fighting Hunger Beyond The Food Drive

- Priority List: Things Kansas Citians Would Try To Save From A Tornado

- Organizing Tonight: Creatures great and small are on your First Friday hit list

- Keeping Track Of Cowtown Carbs: Food Critics: The Best Pastries In Kansas City

- Lesson In Assistance: School bus driver stops to help injured Northland driver

- Kansas City Big Plans: Top 5 things to do this weekend

And this is our OPEN THREAD for right now regarding all of this links and a lot of other stuff . . .


Anonymous said...

Clusterfuck Kansascity

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

So much wrong with KC. Let's start by getting a new mayor!

Anonymous said...

This Google Glass thing is not exactly a well thought out concept.

Try googling "Google Glass attack."

Anonymous said...

Considering that May 1st in Chicago, the folks who moved from the Kansas City Board Of Trade to The Chicago Board Of Trade, may have dropped LEAFLETS on the PRO-IMMIGRATION MARCH from their offices on the streets of Chicago below. Also, the fact that recently last year. The National Socialist Movement was allowed a permit for a fake FREE SPEECH RALLY concerning ANTI-IMMIGRATION at the Jackson County Court House in March of 2013 . And not forgetting ALEC was here on MAY 2nd? There are members of ALEC involved with David Duke's American Renaissance (AmRen) who mass murderer, Glen Miller is clearly connected with, and has started chapters of The White Patriots Party. White people, having a Chihuahua Parade is indeed, blatantly racist and again, shows ignorance, from City Hall and the surrounding communities of Kansas City.

Anonymous said...

2:22 shut the fuck up. You been flooding this blog with your lame ass bullshit for weeks now. Fuck off.