Monday, May 05, 2014


Brittany Cole and her big booty inspires this Monday morning Kansas City mainstream media news link look.

Let's make this quick and dirty . . .

- More Detail On A Northeast Victory Before The Inevitable Shutdown: A New Era For The Kansas City Museum

- Just One Aspect Of Kansas City Weekend Ruckus: No injuries after SUV slams into Kansas City apartment

- Show-Me Broke-Ass Missouri Too: Missouri Revenue Drops In April, Raising Questions And Concerns

- Wake Up To Cackling Hens: Newly formed group urging women to make their voices heard politically in Kansas

- Rock Chalk Price Check: Lawrence cost of living highest in Kansas

- Big Money Lesson: Kansas bioscience chief gets $150K in bonuses

- Sunflower State Politics Is Dirty: Koch-Funded Groups Continue Their Assault On Kansas Clean Energy Law

- Kansas City Hard News For The Upcoming Season Of Good Times: When do Kansas City amusement parks open?

- Doggie Advocates Are Clever: Woofstock raises awareness for pets in need of forever homes

- For Avid TV Watchers: Once Upon A Time: “Kansas” . . . Dorothy saved Oz, but she can’t save this episode

- Soccer Update: Sporting KC back in first with 2-0 win over Crew

- Remembering The Local Lost: Kara Kopetsky’s family still pleads for information 7 years after disappearance . . . Walk for Kara brings hope, awareness


And this is our FIRST OPEN THREAD of the new work week . . . Enjoy!!!


Anonymous said...

No one answered my question as to what roast beef flaps are.

Anonymous said...

Yes they did.

They are delicious!

Anonymous said...

Sure Lawrence has highest cost of living in Kansas been that way ever since that fucking Hearne moved over here, can't you assholes in Perfect Village keep your shit over there?

Anonymous said...

6:18 if we have to explain it to you then you best run along and stay off the adult blogs.

Anonymous said...

only a hipster would not know what a beef flap is.

Anonymous said...

Damn, Pootie Tang has stooped to a new low.

Boko Haram kidnaps 256 school girls in Nigeria.

You can bet Pootie is behind that. He is stockpile ho’s for the GOP 16 convention. Ho problem solved.

Bet Craig Glazer is salivating at the thought of them too.