Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Ask Them: Kansas City Mayor Sly James And Council Dude Ed Ford Will Answer Softball Questions On The Internets!!!

Because local politicos don't like talking to the public directly . . . Announcing Kansas City Mayor James & Council Member Ford on AskThem . . . . "Mayor James is our latest major-city elected official to agree to respond to popular public questions on AskThem, and has demonstrated his open-government bona fides by collaborating with Code For America & KC’s civic tech community."

Mayor Sly's Page

Council Dude Ed Ford's Page


Anonymous said...

Yes they love avoiding the public, public contact, and public scrutiny by using social media that's nothing new.

Anonymous said...

In Kansas City the purposes of the public are to:
Pay taxes and be sure the public trough is always as full as possible.
Attend empty meetings and make believe there is actual information being shared and that their opinions are taken into account.
Join the latest nonprofit or neighborhood group and endlessly dialogue, facilitate, and identify stakeholders.
Occasionally cast a pointless ballot when they've been snowed into thinking some project is actually about them by people like Glorioso or Rowe.
Other than that; SHUT UP!