Sunday, April 06, 2014

Yet Another Kansas City Rainbow Bunny Gripe

Gigabit Internets in this cowtown still isn't as fast as the rate of Kansas City complaining . . .

STL Post Dispatch: Google Fiber is 'just butchering' some Kansas City neighborhoods


"The Google Fiber technicolor bunny is tree-trimming, jackhammering and trenching its way across the area to hoist, bury and stretch a network of fiber optic lines that zig-zags — so far — for nearly 6,000 miles.

On a given day, city officials say, about 1,000 workers for private companies scatter across the market to climb utility poles, string cables through buried conduit or lace lines into crawl spaces to stitch together Google's network.

Sometimes their work leaves beloved trees denuded. Other times, crews clip electrical, telephone, cable or natural gas lines. On occasion, people nearby have had to clear out of homes or offices when gas leaks were triggered."

As usual, our KICK-ASS BLOG COMMUNITY covered this story last year and now the complaints seem a bit overstated and probably best left to the litany of Internets grousing.


Anonymous said...

Google is so full of bullshit it's ridiculous. End story.

Anonymous said...

I like it.

Anonymous said...

Google is full of BS?
How about all the politicians, business "leaders", media shills, and even school board members falling over each other to worship at the feet of the technicolor rabbit?
Google has handed these city officials' butts to them over and over again by being given all sorts of freebies and special deals which have made their efforts to dominate the marketplace that much easier.
And when that's done and the competition begins to wither, stand by to deal with yet another monopoly. Should really be enjoyable.
And where are all the hyped up progress, inventions, new businesses, and jobs?