Wednesday, April 09, 2014


Right now all of the Greater Kansas City Metropolitan Area confronts the longstanding local problem of community engagement in the fight against crime.

In the suburbs, many residents hide from the problems of the inner-city and live under a mistaken assumption that so much local violence doesn't impact their daily lives. Amid the urban core, efforts to engage the community have often met with resistance from backward forces who tout identity politics or outright criminal interest over cooperation with authorities. In both instances, a flimsy rhetorical separation from the gruesome reality of Kansas City violence promotes apathy instead of engagement to stand up to disproportionate levels of increasing crime. The fact is, whether we like it or not, we're all in this together and the rising rate of brutality and homicide on the streets of our city endanger us all. The horrific smell of violent bloodshed travels far and will taint every aspect of civic life until it is properly addressed by civic leaders who seem to have their priorities focused elsewhere.

And now . . .


Not so long ago we called it "stop snitchin" before that it was a code of silence or Omertà. Anyone who really understands the history of Kansas City knows that talking to the police isn't really a local virtue no matter what demographic we're discussing.

So now, random local violence isn't discriminating by area code or race and at the outset of the Spring/Summer it's important to realize that all of Kansas City seems to be under the gun.


KMBC: Police, ATF search along highways in south KC

Fox4: KCMO police hold news conference with latest on gunman aiming at moving cars

KSHB: KC police looking at 20 reports that could be connected in rash of highway shootings

KCTV5: Weapons expert gives insight on gun used in highway shootings

KCPD Chief: Reported incidents of vehicles shot on area roadways fluctuate as investigation continues

Chicago Tribune: Kansas City police probe highway shootings targeting motorists

Timeline: Random shootings target vehicles on KC-area roads

Developing . . .


Anonymous said...

Penny Mathis.

Jenny P.

Very important.

chuck said...

Very, very well said Tony.

Anonymous said...

As soon as some young nigger gets killed their family will start begging people to snitch. You can't have it both ways.

The Marlborough Man said...

It's a sad day when a terrorist with a gun has their fun firing at random automobiles. The media should stop calling whomever it is a sniper. I was a scout/sniper in the Marines, and it took a lot to get there. Some local terrorist/s popping off shots at random people in cars don't deserve the hype or title. Please, media, call our local criminals with guns what they are...domestic terrorists.

Westport Trucky said...

If anyone isn't sure how to snitch, call Glazer at the comedy store and he will tell you how to do it.

Anonymous said...

One thing is for certain, it won't be KCPD that catches them.

Anonymous said...

I'd like to see this/these scum dead, SOON!
kcpd, do what you know is right when you catch up to the scum.

Anonymous said...

This has gone national, on ABC news last night as well as the San Francisco news, maybe it will help KCMO get the GOP convention.

P Bear said...

I support the Marlborough Man's position 100%. Don't give this douche credit for being anything other that a coward shooting at defenseless people going about their business.

Go ahead and tell me about "hoodies" now. My motto is pretty simple...see a hoodie...shoot a hoodie before it shoots you.

Anonymous said...

This has all the same hallmarks as the killing of Harry Stone a few years ago. Shot from a car in a drive-by.
And still unsolved, just like almost half of all the homicides in KCMO.
Chances of these thugs being turned in: zero.
Chances of them being caught and convicted: Not much better.
As long as the PD are afraid to flood the east side and sustain a serious presence, the environment that allows this kind of behavior will continue.
No leadership from either city hall or the east side.
What do all the people involved with "anti-crime" programs do and how is all the tens of millions given to groups, organizations, and nonprofits spent?

Anonymous said...

I'll shoot the niggers myself. KCPD can't find their asshole!

Anonymous said...

Maybe if those niggers were dressed as firefighters KCPD might get one. MAYBE!

P Bear said...

9:40 that's