Wednesday, April 09, 2014

Tragedy: $500 Million Probably Won't Solve Kansas City's Persistent Water Problems

TKC NOTE: Here's a bit of local testimony regarding out old and busted pipes in Kansas City that may or may not get fixed after a $500 MILLION Water Bond approval . . . Remember that Kanas City actually needs about $5-6 BILLION worth of water and sewer infrastructure improvements. Here's the neighborhood testimony is rather important . . . Check it:

Water Plan (Or Lack Thereof)

This is the sign posted along the trolley track trail for several years.

No plan in the water dept's multiphase plan to remedy it. Just let it run into the proposed catchment (cess pool/cistern) at 85th and prospect.

This sign was near 85th St about Oak. The name of this creek is called Boone Creek. It runs from Waldo (now covered along trolley trail) comes out about 84th & Main (were it always smells in the summer), takes an easterly turn after 85th St. This creek is the one behind the old Strouds an BB's Lawnside BBQ.

I say "was" because it disappeared after the trolley talk started.


Johnson, Johnson, and Staub said...

Sorry water money is needed for our choo choo train.

seanot said...

That sign is now conveniently located just outside city council chambers -- exactly where it belongs.

Anonymous said...


except it doesn't

Anonymous said...

Ironic that all the filth is washing down to Whitney Kerr's property? So it's sewage to his north and DOE toxic waste from the Bannister complex to his South. Great location for a biotech company!

I wondered how they thought they'd put a track there since sink holes from the caves have closed the trail east of Troost.

P Bear said...

You have Turd Creek running down the middle of the Plaza with the hoodies swimming everywhere or dumping bodies in it. Only place where the water is decent is the Northland, where all the building is going on now. The taxbase is now north of the river. The Northland would be well served to break away and form their own city. Hell, Sadstone is better than KC, Liberty sure is, Smithville too, Platte City also, and Parkville. Annex the hell out of the Northland. Fuck Kansas City...nobody in the Northland claims any part of Kansas City. Let the fucking hipsters have the turd bowl and it's Negro problems.

Anonymous said...

The Spanish gibberish actually says its ok for undocumented aliens to drink as they are used to this kind of refreshment.

Anonymous said...

P Bear: yes please, break the northland from KCMO. And you can keep Troy Schulte, Pat Klein, Terry Leeds, Sherri McIntyre, etc.