Monday, April 14, 2014


For the cameras and in public Kansas City is coming together to mourn the victims and stand united against hatred in the aftermath of tragic Jewish Community Center fatal shootings.

However . . .

Behind the scenes, there's a desperate search for somebody to blame beyond the broken down old d-bag who pulled the trigger.

To wit . . .


Let's make it quick and dirty . . .

Nazi And Racist Hateration

If I had a vote, I think the local quotient of racism, Nazis and other haters hold a significant portion of responsibility for this horrific tragedy. The problem here is that more than a few people with a political agenda add to this list whether its warranted or not . . . For instance, while immigrant hater Minutmen share some traits with Nazis . . . There's some wiggle room when it comes to real arguments over policy . . . Also . . . I'm pretty sure that somewhere in the comments somebody said that streetcar opponents were akin to the Nazi shooter. So, as usual . . . The word "Hater" or even Hate Crime means a lot of different things to different people.

Internets Comments

Speaking of hateration . . . Once again Internets FREE SPEECH is under attack even though keyboard strokes never killed anybody and it's mostly politicos wanting to protect their own careers who call out the right to comment by their clearly frustrated constituents.

2nd Amendment And Gun Rights

As usual, the availability of guns is under attack and this tragic incident will be used as another talking point in the fight against the 2nd Amendment.

The Blood Moon

Astrological events have always suspect, cause for alarm and part of mysticism since ancient times. Not much has changed . . . Except the advent of high-powered rifles and Internets tech to propagate "interesting" ideas.

Kansas City Apathy

This town doesn't vote and tends to think living out of the Eastside makes them immune to violence therefore they don't have to be concerned about what happens to anybody else . . . It seems like more often we're learning that the metro area is smaller than some might think and ignoring Kansas City's very real problem with homicides has created a false sense of security that's being ripped away with one horrific crime after the next.

Nevertheless, the media watching public isn't satisfied with pinning this devastating killing on the guy who did the shooting. Instead, look for a backlash against any and all of these trends and ideas . . . VOTE FOR YOUR (LEAST) FAVORITE!!!


Kansas Shooting Suspect Described As Neo-Nazi

Shooting suspect's violent, anti-Semitic past

Video- Obama reaction to Jewish Community Center shootings

JCC Shooting Suspect Could be Charged Tuesday

Charges pending in Jewish campus shootings

Suspected Kansas Shooter Had Ties To KKK

Dead Tree Media Navel Gazing: The dilemma in reporting on extremism: Ignore it, or expose it?

Prosecutors said Monday that hate motivated a white supremacist to open fire at two Jewish centers, killing a teen and two adults. The Missouri man could face both federal and state charges.

Son and uncle to shooting victims wants to ‘shine the light’ on those who were lost

Family and friends remember Terri LaManno during Monday prayer service

Shooting victim remembered for upbeat attitude, work with kids

Son: 'That idiot absolutely knocked a family to its knees'

Faith community unites after JCC tragedy

Developing . . .


Anonymous said...

Blame the guy who did it and be sure he is brought to justice. That's the solution here TKC.

Anonymous said...

Damn I thought the media was on a feeding frenzy Tony get a grip.

Anonymous said...

There is no one to blame but Glen Miller. He was certified as a nut job and forced out of the army in 1979. Anybody who tries to make more of this than one nut job's failings is just as much a zealot as the shooter.

Anonymous said...

The best thing the local press can do is put their "Peter Jennings" suit back in the toy box and for once crawl out of bed with the local politicians and demand swift justice. We really don't need months of analytical bullshit from the kids on TV.

Anonymous said...

Tony, I KNOW you just need someone to hate and blame for whatever you don't like so you won't be forced to take responsibility for yourself or the world around you, but this takes the cake.

Your incredible need to force everything to conform to the narrative you've already decided on, no matter what insane contortions you must go through to make that happen, is actually a sign of how fantastically weak your beliefs are.

In your black little heart, you know your bullshit can't stand up to any honest examination.

When you truly believe something is right and true, you don't feel the need to maintain a constant vigil to make sure all nonconforming information is censored or twisted.

You can't admit one of these shootings is the work of a regular old crazy white guy, because that could be the block that topples your Jenga tower of bullshit if you allow it to be pulled.

Anonymous said...

I say it's bat shit crazy people such as Miller and Byron that get the blame.

Anonymous said...

Typical Crakkka behavior! Among their signature behaviors are molesting children & shooting up movie theaters and schools.

Anonymous said...

8:31 you are right. Almost ALL child molesters and mass killers are white. The kind of folks that come on this site and yell nigger, nigger, nigger.
You guys have little dicks so you want to carry around big guns.
You are gutless pigs.
The big boys are fucking your economic brains out, but you watch Fox News and think you are having an organism. You are being used, but you are too stupid to realize it. Go ahead suck on the dick of the Koch brothers, Hannity and the rest while they sit back and laugh their asses off at you.

Anonymous said...

I blame the guy who shot them. Pretty simple.

Anonymous said...

I blame the nut job that did it.
Somebody might want to check on 8:31 +8:37.

Deuce said...

I blame that cowardly fuck P.bear who is now in hiding. Typical spineless racist!

Anonymous said...

Tony, you know good and well that your blog provides a forum to pump up the hate.

If you truly don't realize this, you are delusional.

Anonymous said...

9:02 your the spineless one. The bear is and has been around. Only a stupid bottom feeder would be laying blame on a mystical figment of imagination rather than where blame belongs...on the idiot shooter.

The bear certainly has more support here than a idiot like you.

Bear on.

Anonymous said...

Hey Dunce @ 9:02 "the spineless bear" is one comment box down right now. Run down there and get bad ass on him and get slapped like a bitch dog in heat.

Anonymous said...

I blame my toaster.

Anonymous said...

9:02 You don't read much do you?

Shooter is the only one at blame here. Let's get the due process rolling. Speedy, fair trial. Then appropriate sentence. Can we agree on what that should be? ( Yes, Byron we know we are not a civilized country ) said...


Your IQ is still mid 80's and will never improve. Genetics.

Anonymous said...

A seemingly ordinary man,decorated Vietnam vet,career politician and author of two book's ...POW! Just snaps. It will never be understood, as with so many other people who have done similar ..sad and perplexing.

Anonymous said...

Say whaaa??

Anonymous said... on this crap of a site?

This is teens with no IQ.

Honest, I would not have been in the least surprised if that ass wipe went off against another. You think he's spewing understanding and forgiveness? On the Holly Week?

These type of events will momentarily shock the haters and troll, but it does not fundamentally change them.

Geeze, I wish your parents re-upped their net nanny subscriptions.

Anonymous said...

10:15 going thru life known as a bear stalker is not becoming. I for one agree with many of the bears comments. You sound like one of those people who sucks up trying to be politically correct because your wife picks your underwear and they fit way too tight. I just called you a pussy, fyi.

Anonymous said...

10:15 It's Holy Week. Check your IQ. Hater troll.

Anonymous said...

OMG, "we support the bear"?

Truly, this is pedestrian.

Do we support him for class president?

It's like talking to 14 year olds.

Anonymous said...

Can we please not call him Glenn Miller. You know the big band leader.

Byron Funkhouser said...

He was born & raised in America. He is one of us. We do this sort of thing all the time. We are a savage & violent people, including the Precious Pilgrims. He is not an aberration. He is the logical result of our culture. He's not mentally ill, unless you admit that all killers are mentally ill, all Nazi's are mentally ill, all white supremacists are mentally ill. etc. He is a Southerner as opposed to an American. Who's to blame? All of us are guilty, & to quote Shakespeare, "All are punished."

Be kind to the victims, because they are also us.

Anonymous said...

You know all about mentally illness Byron. Get some help you sick fuck!

Anonymous said...

Now that Byron is a senseless rant! You are a loon!

Anonymous said...

Electric chair. Next week. There's no need for appeals. Eye witness accounts. I'll pull the switch

Anonymous said...

Kansas Is For Killers..

Anonymous said...

P Bear is from STORMFRONT. He'll show up again on when things cool down.

Anonymous said...

Jeebuz, at least all they angry people are contained within this stupid, pandering, for hits blog. Not where people actually give a shit.

Bear???? give me a break. The neighbor kid that cuts lawns is of greater value to the community and he does not hate.

Byron Funkhouser said...

Dumbass 11:52

Its mental illness, or the mentally ill. Of course, I know about it, I'm Mark's brother, Chester & Ruth's son. I grew up with bat shit crazy. More, importantly I grew up with retards who insisted that they were smarter than me, because they were dumber than me.

Dumbass 11:57

Its not a rant. Its the truth. Pretend that's he's just an aberration, just like the last one, & the next one & the next one.

A loon is bird, & your a coward hiding behind anonymity.

Byron Funkhouser said...

I've noticed that my stalkers aren't capable of actual paragraphs, just one liner insults. Your middle school students playing on a grownup's blog, hiding behind anonymity so we won't know just how insignificant you are.

In case you didn't understand that. Anonymity is for cowardly bullies.

Anonymous said...

Terry Murray said Its 'you' middle school students Byron. Dumbass !!!!

Anonymous said...

Byron, pretty sure you inherited a whole lot of Bat Shit Crazy !

Byron Funkhouser said...

Two dumbasses.

You can't inherit mental illness, retard. I made a comment on the above thread. You stalkers need to hurry there & make a stupid comment.

This is your job & your life. Don't let one of my comments go by without telling me I'm stupid, insane, or whatever strikes your fancy.

Anonymous said...

Only a idiot comments back on a fictional bear. Some of you people are classic d-bags. Rather than focus on actual, horrible events that are real, you clowns choose to make remarks to a avatar. Much like Byron, I am sure the bear enjoys toying with you stupid people. Stupid is being generous.

Anonymous said...

Remember, the guy is from North Carolina and later the Ozarks; so how does this give the Kansas City area area a black eye? Why isn't everyone talking trash about Springfield.

Anonymous said...

5:49 typical KC response. Blame Springfield, North Carolina, the Ozarks. Blame someone. You forgot the Polar Bear. To funny. Like Walt from Plano said. "Even your monkeys are trying to leave KC."

Anonymous said...

He drove up here...he does not live here...the picked Johnson County because celtic/anglo-saxon/german Springfield has no Jews.

Anonymous said...

"Bryon" is not Mark's brother.

Stay tuned for an expose.

Anonymous said...

Please don't feed the attention-seeking sheep shagging troll.

Double-vision Inbreeding Research Association said...

6:32 Wrote:

"Bryon" is not Mark's brother.

Stay tuned for an expose.

Well, he is from the land of sistermom and uncledad.

Anonymous said...

where's chuck been hiding?
the racist should be having a
field day with this.
The hate and vile language
he so easily spews is used as
an excuse again to take 3
innocent lives.
way to go chuck...keep up the
hate!!!!! that's what you're
all about!!!!

Byron Funkhouser said...

Retard 6:32

Of course, I'm Mark's brother. If you Google my name you will see my father's obituary. Mark has THREE brothers & a sister. My younger brother, Eric, doesn't speak to Mark, either. I guess that makes him insane, too.

Anonymous said...

Nope. It just makes Mark the one who made something of himself and who realized that just because two or more people came from the same womb that doesn't make them prisoners for life.

Anonymous said...

Byron is a troll. Ignore the troll. Mean troll.